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Continuing the Avatar Legacy

Day 2 (3? What do we consider preview night these days?) has begun and today we got an Avatar the Last Airbender panel! Since the release of the series on Netflix I have fully re-immersed myself into this universe. I watched the show when it originally aired, but man it really makes a difference watching it as an adult. There is so much to this show and the character dynamics and changes to them throughout the series is amazing. Each character gets their screen time and has a chance to grow. It’s so beautifully done. I think every single person needs to watch this series at least once!

Today the panelists talked about their hand in bringing Avatar to a different medium like comics and what it was like continuing the Avatar legacy. Panelist included creator- Michael DiMartino, Faith Erin Hicks, F.C. Yee, and Gene Luen Yang and moderated by Dark Horse’s PR specialist Kate Jay.

Check out the panel here:

The panelist talk about how interesting it is to watch the new generation of fans fall in love with the series and how they are inspired to create even more in the Avatar world because of it. There are a variety of new stories for fans to check out, including a novel about Kyoshi and her struggles as Avatar. There are also a lot of graphic novels to go along with the show. Michael DiMartino talked a bit about how he worked closely with those creating the stories to make sure that they coincided with his vision of the world and to make sure that things did not stray too far from the original path.


Continuing the Avatar Legacy

Image courtesy of Dark Horse Publishing and Comic-con@Home

Did you guys check out the Avatar panel today at Comic-Con@Home? If so, what did you think? Let us know in the comments below!

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