movie posters of the batman, the suicide squad, and wonder woman

DC Comics Catchup: #DCFanDome I – DCU Movie Teasers

The Suicide Squad

After watching the teaser, I was left with one question: Is this a sequel, or are we rebooting the team? After a bit of research, it turns out to be both.

James Gunn, when signing on to write and direct what was then known as Suicide Squad 2, wanted to take this arm of the DCEU in a different direction. He looked back at the 1980’s comics run for inspiration, reminiscent of Marvel-style change in the Thor franchise during Thor Ragnarök. The result is The Suicide Squad, now scheduled for an August 6, 2021 theatrical release.

Fans are introduced to a new slew of characters while still maintaining staple roles like Amanda Waller, Rick Flagg, Captain Boomerang, and Harley Quinn. Thankfully, Warner Brothers made a video roll call of the cast for the fans.

They describe the film as a 1970’s war movie, and the behind the scenes shots in the teaser gives good credence to that comparison. This iteration is different, radiating a playful tone to the storyline (from what we see of it). Beyond that, plot details are few and far between. As someone not familiar with the Suicide Squad outside of comics, this movie may turn me into a fan. You can bet it’ll be something I’ll be reporting on as more news gets released.

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