Jessica Green as Talon in The Outpost.

The Outpost: Izuka Hoyle, Jessica Green Talk Living The Outpost Life – Interview

It’s hard to accurately describe and encounter that just brightens the day in unexpected ways. But that’s what happened recently when I got the chance to sit down (via Zoom) and chat with two of the stars of The Outpost on The CW. One has been with the show from the outset, the other a delightful season 3 addition. Together, just a bundle of fun and laughter – something you just couldn’t help but smile about.

Talking with Izuka Hoyle (Wren) and Jessica Green (Talon) across many time zones was as joyful and fun as I’d imagined it would be. The CW’s “The Outpost” is currently filming another 13 episodes of season 3B in Serbia and the ladies took time out from their busy day to talk about what it’s like to live and work in a Covid-19 world and how they see their characters, and the show, moving forward. And through the 30-minute interview, it was hard not to just revel in the fun they seemed to have with each other and the joy they had for life – even with all that’s going on.

With The Outpost in the midst of season 3A, Izuka and Jessica offer some thoughts on a variety of topics. Here’s the Q&A:


What has the last year been like in terms of filming, stopping, filming again, then turning around and starting another 13 episodes so quickly – all in the midst of the pandemic?

Izuka: Personally, it has been very odd. If I’m being completely honest, The Outpost has been a savior. I can’t say I’ve experience Covid and it’s massive impact on my professional life, because we’ve essentially been in employment while this hit – we’ve been here. Because of the way Serbia dealt with it at its worst, they allowed themselves to re-open when other countries weren’t able to. When we flew back, (after the hiatus) that was an odd experience. We’re in this massive hotel in Belgrade that they had essentially opened just for our cast. Everything is very safe, extra precautions (in place), and tests every few days. So when I speak to my friends back home, I did miss out on that (Covid-19 experience) slightly. When we got back (to filming), we went into hardcore work. So now it’s very much go to work and go back home (each day).

Jessica: Things are pretty much like Izuka said. We are so, so lucky to just be continuing to work and do what we love, even though the rest of the world is kind of shut down at the moment. We have been very lucky to keep the ball rolling and smash out a continued season. I went home (to Australia) for the hiatus and the Serbian government had to write to the Australian government to let me out. You can’t leave (Australia) unless you have government approval. I was lucky I came out to be able to work, but I don’t know about Christmas and everything else. I don’t know when I’ll be able to go home at some point. Hopefully in March I’ll be able to get home. Then, there’s the issue of me needing to get back to LA as well.

Izuka Hoyle as Wren in The Outpost.

Jessica, tell me how Talon has changed since the beginning of season 1?

I think she’s grown a lot since season 1. I think the whole show has. It seems almost completely like a different one (show). I’ve liked her growth and relationships she’s built with different characters. Even in this season, she starts to have a relationship with Garret, which everyone has wanted to see. We have these new characters and seeing how she interacts with them. (In season 2) Zed making her choose between her own kind and friends. That was fun to play. What choice is the right one? Who does she kind of want to side with?

Izuka, being new, how do you develop a new character like Wren into an existing show and a story already underway?

Wren, essentially, I think, from a writer’s perspective, was created to challenge Janzo and give him a counterpart, challenge his intellect and to, perhaps, give him a little romance. She is super, super fun to play, a gift of a part to play. It was interesting to come in at the third season. The way that she is, there was no other way to do it – big and bold. The Outpost cast is just a dream — very, very welcoming and funny people. It is a laugh a minute out here. It is just joyous to be here.


In your mind, what’s the best quality your character has and why?

Jessica: I really love Talon’s loyalty for her friends. She will go through anything for them. We always joke on set — how many times do you have to rely on Talon to save the day?

Izuka: Wren’s best quality — I think probably her straightforwardness. She doesn’t shy away from speaking the truth, even if it will hurt (the feelings) of those she is speaking to. I like that about her. I also love her wit.

Jessica Green as Talon in The Outpost.

The fandom seems to be growing, how much do you engage on social media and how important is it for The Outpost?

Jessia: It (fandom) has been growing. With each season we are growing and growing. I honestly feel that’s (growing fandom) what kept the show going. I feel the whole fantasy genre, once you get the fans who love the show, they really stand by you. We watch them on Twitter and comment on Instagram. Hard to live tweet with them (time differences), but we try to reply to as many as we can.

Izuka: I’m not on Twitter, and not as active on Instagram as I can be. Anand likes to send me lots of random things and what people are saying. I’ve never really interacted with fans much, so it’s cool to see how invested people are in it — and the emotional connection with the characters (they get). It’s encouraging to see how invested in the show people are.


What are some things you’ve created or started doing in Serbia as a hobby or outside interest?

Jess: Adopting puppies (laughing). You should see her (Izuka’s) hotel room. There are plants and all sorts of things in there. We’re pretty much inseparable out here. We see each other every day. We’ve been here so long that it feels like home. We’ve got our favorite cafes and know the people in them by name. My boyfriend has come out and is able to stay with me. He can work from home, so he’s able to now be here with me. Note: Jessica lives in an apartment.

Izuka: I’m in a hotel so the first thing I did was furnish it. You have to come home every night and want to look forward to coming home. We are working ungodly hours and you try to keep feeling positive. We train a lot, go horse riding, rock climbing, hang with the stunt team, and go to each other’s homes. We are limited with what we can do, so we have to be careful, so It’s about spending a lot of time together. Even when I’m not on, I actually tend to go into the studio and cause havoc.

Izuka Hoyle as Wren in The Outpost.

On shooting extended season 3B:

Jess: Things have gone very good. We are flying through them. Since our break, we’ve been back almost two months and we are already filming episodes 4-5. We love going to work.

Izuka: The writers room is working at record speed. As much as we’re turning up to work all day, the writers are turning out episodes quickly. There’s something fun about this intenseness. I’ve never worked at this speed, so they are getting their money’s worth. We didn’t have much time off (between finishing Season 3 and starting Season 3B), so we were still in the zone. A lot of the characters that are already in the show, the material for them has been upped. Our job is the best job in the world.


Jessica Green: Australian born Green expressed interest in film and television at a young age and appeared in such films as “Peter Pan” and “Aquamarine.” She landed her first major lead role as Kiki in the series “Lightning Point.” The role required her to surf and ride horses. Green went on to film the Australian action thriller “Red Billabong,” playing the lead role of Rebecca. She also appeared in the films “Rise” and “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales.” In 2017, Green landed the iconic role of Cleopatra in the film “Roman Empire” and appeared in the series finale episode of “Ash Vs. Evil Dead.”
In 2018, after an exhaustive international search, Green landed the lead role of Talon in “The Outpost,” a fantasy adventure series.

The role capitalizes on Green’s love for action with her mixed martial arts, horse riding, weapons and athletic abilities enabling her to perform many of her own stunts and thoroughly embody the strong female character. Green prides herself on her authenticity, charm and fierce dedication to her craft and aims to be an inspiring role model.

Izuka Hoyle: Listed as The Evening Standard’s “Rising Star,” native Scottish actress Izuka Hoyle graduated from London’s prestigious Arts Educational School and immediately made her screen debut in the role of Mary Seton in Josie Rourke’s “Mary Queen of Scots” opposite Margot Robbie and Saorise Ronan. In television, Hoyle joined the hit BBC series “Clique” as new series regular Dani. She filmed the BBC comedy “Jerk” before filming the David Tennant lead Channel 4 drama “Deadwater Fell.” She has recently joined the cast of the forthcoming epic new Amazon series “Wheel of Time.”

Hoyle originated the role of Catherine Parr in the worldwide phenomenon “Six” and can be heard on the original soundtrack. She also played the iconic role of Emily Davison in the original production of “Sylvia” at London’s Old Vic Theatre, and originated the role of Darryl in Emma Rice’s adaptation of Enid Blyton’s “Malory Towers.” Currently, Hoyle can be seen in the feature-film “Villain” which is streaming worldwide, with her winning rave reviews for her performance and will next star in the feature “Boiling Point” opposite Stephen Graham and Jason Flemyng.


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