David Ramsey Returns to Arrowverse

by Lisa Canipe-Moss

Huge news for the Arrowverse fans! The iconic character from the TV series Arrow, John Diggle, will make his return to the fan favorite collective of series’ known as the Arrowverse. John Diggle, portrayed by actor David Ramsey, is returning in a big way.

Not only will Ramsey direct five episodes across the Arrowverse, he will also guest star in 5 of the shows. These will include Flash, Supergirl, Batwoman, and the newest series to the Arrowverse; Superman & Lois. However, the biggest news to excite fans will possibly be what is dubbed as his mystery role on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

David Ramsey is best know for his role on the TV series Arrow where he played the character John Diggle. Ramsey was on the show for eight seasons and was one of the original three of Team Arrow. He started off as the body guard to Oliver Queen in season one. But by the time the series came to an end in season eight, Diggle was a well established hero and best friend to Oliver. As fans recall, Legends main character and Captain of the Waverider, Sara Lance; was abducted by aliens at the end of their last season. For many fans this leads them to believe that the little green ring Diggle found at the end of Arrow could play a key role in helping to find Sara. That ring is possibly a Green Lantern ring. Something fans have speculated since the iconic series Arrow ended – will Diggle become Green Lantern on Legends or will the guest spots on the other shows lead up to this? Either way fans will be excited to see an Arrow favorite back in action.

Lisa will soon be covering the Arrowverse for TIBS! Look for her upcoming coverage of everything new and exciting!


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