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Batwoman Delivers Powerful Performance In Season 2 Premiere

Bam! Smack! Pow! Batwoman delivers all the punches in its season two premiere. Season two brings us a new lead actress and a new character to get aquatinted with. Actress Javicia Leslie assumes the role as Ryan Wilder, Batwoman this season and sets up Gotham for a fresh start with a new hero.  From a devastating loss, to memories from her past, and a life changing find; Ryan Wilder sets her life up for the better.  A fresh face, a new story, and new toys, this bat is ready!


Power is everything in this episode and it can come in many forms.  Leslie demonstrates just how powerful she can be, as she commands a riveting performance as the new Batwoman. Her ability to span a range of emotions was amazing. The episode took her on an emotional rollercoaster. Memories from her past, powers her to become so much more in her present.


She packed in some action punches and great martial arts skills. She may be new to the suit, but martial arts is her forte.  Off screen, Leslie is trained in martial arts and she brings that ability on screen for some awesome fight scenes. Leslie assumes the role flawlessly and as though it was always hers. Her story arch for this episode introduces her in a way that ties everything together perfectly from season one. It serves as a seamless fit for Leslie as she steps into her new role.


Batwoman — “Prior Criminal History” — Image Number: BWN202fg_0078r — Pictured: Javicia Leslie as Ryan Wilder — Photo: The CW — © 2020 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Power of You

We learn that Wilder has to deal with a past she just can’t shake. Being labeled can make you feel as though your power is taken away. More often than not, people are labeled and defined in one way or another. They let it happen to them without standing up for themselves. Ryan Wilder has something to say about that. She refuses to allow a wrongful arrest from her past to define her life. Being viewed as only a number her entire life is something Wilder is finished with.


Kate Kane’s disappearance opens the door to let Ryan Wilder step into the spotlight; or should I say, the bat light. This allows her the opportunity to use her inner power to become more than what others label her as. Summoning her inner strength, Wilder can now break free of that cycle and become something more worthy to live for.  With her newfound inner power, she dons the cowl and bat suit. She may have big shoes to fill, but I think Leslie has what it takes.


Power of Emotions

The powerful form of emotions takes us to another side of the story. This very emotional episode shows us a side of power that life insists we take. A missing Kate Kane has left many hearts broken and tears flowing. Her family and friends have to summon their own inner power to deal with their emotions.


Julia Pennyworth, Sophie Moore, and Jacob Kane have to come to terms with their devastating loss. Even Kate’s real sister, the sinister Alice, has to let go of the power that was ripped from her. Being cheated out of being the one to kill her sister hits her hard. After all, leaving loose ends is something Alice does not like to do. But I can’t help but wonder if the loss of her sister itself is having more of an effect on her than she is letting on. Perhaps we will find out more about that as the season progresses.


Powerful Machine

That old Batman song leads us into a part of the episode I dare not forget to mention. Batman smells, Robin laid an egg; and Gotham streets buzz with a powerful new machine! This episode delivered us a surprise by way of a sporty, black and red trimmed, new Batmobile. That is one hot car Bruce has speeding through the streets of Gotham! Now we have a powerful new machine for our new bat.


Powerful Conclusions

Given all this newfound inner power, Wilder is realizing that there is more involved than just putting on the suit. You have to own it and everything that comes with that, good or bad. The symbol might be what is more widely recognized, but it is the person inside the suit that makes it what it is. She has the power inside her and we have a hero in the making. This is a season you don’t want to miss!


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