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Walker Series Premiere Review – Coming Home

If you have been looking for a hot cowboy series to watch then you have come to right place. Walker has everything that you are looking for. A sexy cowboy. Some roping and riding atop a mighty steed. Some witty humor. All of which makes for one sexy Texas cowboy who just happens to be a Texas Ranger. Yeah, I’d say that fits the bill just fine.

Walker is a reboot of the original series Walker-Texas Ranger. This modern day version only borrows from its predecessor the name Walker, and the Texas Rangers. Everything else is completely new. A new story for a new age of viewers.

Fans will know the series star best from the hit TV series Supernatural, where he portrayed a demon hunter named Sam Winchester. Since the series’ finale the demon hunting gear has been packed away and exchanged for a Texas Ranger uniform complete with cowboy boots and hat. Jared Padalecki returns to Texas to star and produce the new CW series, Walker.

Walker is a heartwarming series that will pull at your heartstrings. It definitely has a supernatural element with an air of mystery. It will have you crying one minute and on the edge of your seat the next. This time around the series will be focusing more on family rather than the Texas Rangers. However, the Rangers are still very much a part of the series. I feel that the writers have done a great job in balancing the two.

Coming Home

It’s all about coming home again in the series premiere episode. Cordell Walker has been away from home too long and things have changed. We go on an emotional journey with him  as he tries to reconnect with his two teenage children and step back into the life he once knew. We will see that coming home again isn’t something that is an easy thing to do for him. Time has changed things. The people he used to know. The places and things he used know, and of course, him. We see how Cordell Walker deals with this throughout the episode.

Supernatural Mystery

The ghostly presence of Emily Walker (portrayed by Padalecki’s real lie wife, Genevieve Padalecki) is haunting him. It serves as a nice secondary story for us to follow right along with as Walker tries to piece together clues about his wife’s mysterious death. The flashback of her death scene was heartbreaking. I can’t even imagine having to hear what Cordell had to hear over the phone and not being able to do one thing about it. To not be there with her in her final moments as she lay dying. The clues we get in this episode along with a secret phone call lead me to believe there is more here than meets the eye. I smell a cover-up. This is a story plot that has me very intrigued and eager to learn more.


When we first meet Cordell’s kids, Stella (Violet Brinson) and August (Kale Cully) we find that they have grown up and become a bit unruly, from  getting arrested to having emotional shut downs. To top things off they have also grown closer to their Uncle Liam Walker (Keegan Allan). I can’t even imagine how that would make a father feel. To see that your own kids don’t really need you anymore. Sure the kids have emotions they must deal with from losing their mother but they must understand so does their dad. Liam doesn’t make things any better by stepping in and helping the kids with issues. Their father is home and he needs to step aside and let him be a dad again.

Walker’s parents didn’t give him the welcome he probably thought he would get. They’ve been helping with their grandkids during his absence. Dealing with the raw emotions and anger that surely arose from losing their mother. They make sure to drive the point across to their son that it’s time to stay home and do some reconnecting.

Texas Rangers

Now for the Texas Ranger part of the show. Walker is saddled with a new partner named Micki Ramirez (Lindsey Morgan). She is new to the Rangers. She is a little lady next to Walker but don’t underestimate her. This cowgirl Texas Ranger can do some butt kicking when it’s necessary. She did just that with a gun toting criminal while investigating a case.

Now I do think how she and Cordell met was just priceless. Walking up on a drunken Walker who was reliving some old memories from the past about Emily, Micki has no idea that he is her soon to be partner. Not to mention the Texas Ranger legend everyone talks about. Giving him the drinking speech while driving him home, Cordell lets it spill who he is. It made for a humorous moment between the two. Something I would like to see more of from them.

Welcome Home

All in all, this was a very intriguing start to the Walker story. It enveloped us with all of the necessary plot points while still drawing us in with mystery and memories. Heartbreak, reconnecting, and moving forward. Coming home again is a process. It is a journey to rediscover you, and establish who you are going to become. It takes time to find your footing again and just where you fit in now. Cordell Walker is well on his way to doing just that. Welcome home Walker! We look forward to taking this journey with you on your new adventures. Yee! Haw!

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