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Batwoman Episode 5 Gore on Canvas – Review

By: Lisa Canipe-Moss
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This was very much an Alice centric episode this week. The sinister Alice revisits hidden memories from her past that leads her to a lost love. Ryan Wilder finds herself working with the Crows to help find more information about Kate Kane. These two ladies sure had their work cut out for them this week.

Bad Girl Alice

Alice may be the bad guy or should I say gal, but she sure is fun. Her character is one that you never really know what to expect  she will do next. It’s always a surprise and sometimes a very shocking one. Her facial expressions alone sells her character. Alice may have gotten herself into a bit of a predicament but she never seems to sweat it. She comes off cool and collected and makes a joke about the situations she gets herself into. Now I might add, Alice never “gets” into a situation unless she wants to be in one. That is part of what makes her so sinister. Well, that and she is psychotic.

This week Alice strolls into a bar to have a few drinks and purposely run into one of those hidden memories I spoke of earlier. But before she can maneuver herself towards that memory, a guy in the bar comes over to hit on Alice. Now obviously he has no idea who he is talking to which makes it even more funny because there is no way he could ever dream of handling this woman. Ah, but Alice knows that game of cat and mouse and shoots him down quickly in her own little deranged way. I couldn’t stop laughing.

Well that encounter got the attention of that memory she was after, his name is Ocean.  We learn that he doesn’t remember her either. Hmm, I wonder how Saiyiah managed to do that to both of them? Perhaps we will find that out in the weeks to come. But anyway, after a shared drink or two and not getting the information that she wants from Ocean, Alice follows him. Like Ocean said, she could have tried to capture him in any number of ways but she chose the direct approach of just attempting to pick the lock. Most would say that was a bad mistake on Alice’s part, but was it? Was that what Alice wanted to happen? It did get her where she wanted to be.

One never really knows when it comes to Alice, but I’m thinking it was her plan all along. It managed to get her captured by Ocean and inside his hotel room where she could play along and drag some more information out of him. Of course, earning his trust is a good thing as well. Having to fend off Safiyah’s minions together is great for partnership goals, right? I’ve got to say, that part when she said they needed to leave the maid a tip was hilarious! It was quite a messy blood spilled room they were leaving. So I guess a tip would be nice.

Batwoman and the Crows

As for Ryan Wilder, she manages to save Jacob Kane from having a spear stuck through him. The  spear wielding guy she captured had information about Kate Kane and Safiyah. Being the snarky new Batwoman that she is, she refused to turn him over to the Crows, at least for a while. Ryan has issues with the Crows. They have made her life a living hell. She has dealt with Sophie so many times that she says Sophie knows how she likes her coffee. So yeah, I’d say that is a bit too much interaction between her and them.

However much that I disliked Luke and Mary pushing Ryan into working with the Crows, I am glad that Luke and Ryan finally had a moment to connect on a deeper level. Luke has issues with the Crows as well, they killed his father. So as much as he dislikes them he still understands the need to have to work with them at times in order to learn information that they may need. It was a good heart to heart conversation between those two. I think it puts them on a better path towards friendship. So in the end Ryan hands over her prisoner to the Crows. It was a short lived moment of torture that they got to inflict because he bit into a cyanide capsule to end it. But not before telling Ryan a little bit of information about that painting they were looking for.

Working with the Crows and more specifically mostly Sophie, Ryan gets dressed up to head to a private invitation only art event. Ryan Wilder cleans up very nicely. Going form flannel and jeans to a Couture dress and heels, this girl has it going on! With Mary’s help getting her ready for the event, Ryan can definitely pull off the rich sophisticated look.

Wolf Spider

We do run into a new character this week at the event. Seems he is a Spiderman wanna be. He is referred to as the Wolf Spider. I can see why with the black colored spandex suit he wears. But this time it isn’t Batwoman that takes him out. A couple of crooked Crows decided it best to just run him over so they can get the painting they are after. Don’t worry though, the Wolf Spider did live but was badly injured.

Now why wasn’t Batwoman able to capture him you might ask? Well that pesky poison from the Kryptonite that was shot into her a few weeks back is spreading and causing her some pain. At least she let Mary look at it finally and get some medication to help it. But I’m pretty sure they are going to need some help in healing Ryan from this. Could that be what Arrow star David Ramsey will end up doing when he returns to the Arrowverse for an episode of Batwoman? It’s definitely a possibility but no word has leaked out about any of that just yet. Keep joining me here for the latest information about this.

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