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F9 Super Bowl Trailer Gets Our Motor Runnin’

Ready for more cars, more stunts, more Dom and Rock? (That should be a new drink… the Dom and Rock.) F9, the next installment in the “Fast Series,” released a trailer before the big game today.

With glimpses of Helen Mirren and John Cena, the Vin Diesel-centric series shows that it hasn’t lost an inch of the gasoline-powered excitement of its many predecessors. (While this is F9, it’s the 10th installment – Tokyo Drift doesn’t fit in the numbered sequence.) (And Tokyo Drift is the only one I haven’t seen. Not quite sure why.)

F9 is scheduled to be released in theaters on May 28, 2021 – since these films don’t translate quite as well on TV or computer screens, let’s hope that happens!



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