Walker Episode 4 – Review

Cordell Walker sure had himself in a mess of things this week. The episode titled “Duke” has his past catching up with him and putting his family in grave danger. We can attribute this weeks mess of things to August. His snooping last week landed unwanted visitors to Austin and a past that Cordell would rather not revisit.

Twyla Jean

We get to visit that mysterious past of Cordell’s when he was undercover just after Emily’s death. There are things that went on then that Cordell doesn’t want his kids to know and rightfully so. Miss Twyla Jean was one of those things from the past that he would rather not have to explain. Being undercover that deeply sometimes means that you have to start up relationships with the people you are watching and it was confirmed that Cordell was intimately involved with Twyla. The picture from last week is evidence enough of just how happy they seemed together. Twyla is a beautiful woman and I can see how Cordell could fall for her. My question is how could he do that when his love for Emily is so presently strong? Sure, I get that it was his job to watch this woman, but did he have to take things that far?

Walker — “Duke” — Image Number: WLK105b_0901r — Pictured (L-R): Karissa Lee Staples as Twyla Jean — Photo: Rebecca Brenneman/The CW — © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Becoming Duke

Cordell found himself having to pull out that old case box and transform back into his undercover persona as Duke. Now I do have to mention that when he was doing this transforming, the ladies were treated a bit with him removing his shirt. I’m pretty sure many ladies were drooling all over their remotes when this scene came on, myself included. Cordell does come off very differently as Duke. He is rougher around the edges and a bit more badass. I can’t complain as this is a persona that he pulls off very nicely. I actually wouldn’t mind seeing more of this badass side of him as a Texas Ranger.

I’m glad to see that Cordell/Duke was able to fend off Twyla from taking things any farther with him when they met up again with a hotel reunion. I honestly believe Cordell never wants that to happen ever again. It was also a tip off to Twyla that gets Cordell/Duke into some trouble with her later on. Oh well, Cordell can handle himself right?

Walker — “Duke” — Image Number: WLK105a_0266r — Pictured: Jared Padalecki as Cordell Walker — Photo: Rebecca Brenneman/The CW — © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

The part that I hated in this episode was that his superiors not only thought but accused Cordell of being too involved in that case and  complained that it took way too long with him being undercover. Seriously? He was doing his job. All be it, a bit too well, but still he was doing what they wanted. Besides they should know him well enough as a legendary ranger to know that Cordell would not do anything crooked. That would just be way too off character for him.


I did feel sorry for his kids. Cordell had promised them that he would never go back undercover like that again and here he is having to. Rightfully, I can see how that would hurt August and Stella especially since he hasn’t been home that long either. It was August who seemed to have it hit him harder. He somehow got into his head that his father was happier being away undercover than he is at home with them.

Stella was hit with some feelings as well when Cordell had promised to but didn’t show up to her soccer practice. He had once told her that he never missed one of Emily’s games. Way to go Cordell, drive in those nails, they do hurt. But Stella was able to work off her frustrations on the field with her new coach, Trey Barnett, Micki’s boyfriend. He is now the new soccer coach at Stella’s school. Good for you Trey! I can definitely see him being a confidant for Stella when she needs someone to talk to about her dad.

Walker — “Duke” — Image Number: WLK105b_0580r — Pictured (L-R): Jared Padalecki as Cordell Walker and Kale Culley as August Walker — Photo: Rebecca Brenneman/The CW — © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

August though, decided to track down his father and put himself into danger by showing up unexpectedly to confront his dad In front of the bad guys. Seriously August what were you thinking?!  He could have blown Cordell’s cover right then and there and had them all in a heap of trouble. Fortunately Cordell was able to rudely get August and his friend to leave. This kid just does not get it does he? What exactly does he think his dad does for a living?


Now Micki just won’t be outdone and intended on sticking up for her partner because she knows he would do no wrong. She went undercover herself and was able to keep Clint West from using that gun he was pulling out when walking up to Cordell/Duke. Micki was an unexpected addition to the crew. They were weary of her, and who wouldn’t be. Cordell/Duke never mentioned her before. I do believe that Twyla Jean was also jealous. A few test questions proved Micki was alright enough to stay, for now. But her initiation into the gang was the fun part. Micki had to ride a mechanical bull. I’m pretty sure that was her actually riding and not a stunt double because they got some good shots of her up on that thing. She did look good up there and seemed to actually enjoy it. Get your Texas bull riding on girl!

Walker — “Duke” — Image Number: WLK105b_0238r — Pictured: Lindsey Morgan as Micki Ramirez — Photo: Rebecca Brenneman/The CW — © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Saying Goodbye

Now that little slip up from earlier comes into play when Twyla finds what she came to town after and is confronted by Cordell/Duke. It seemed sad for her to admit that she could see in his eyes that he was never really going to let her in. It was a classic love gone wrong scene. Those two dancing the last few moments to a song while she holds a gun in his side. Saying her final goodbyes while holding him tight. I can see how it would be hard for her, seeing how they did have somewhat of a past together. In the end though, she was caught and the undercover mission played out to end what was left of Duke. Twyla was front and center to see her once lover be shot to death and fall into the pool face first. Don’t worry though, Cordell was just fine.

Walker — “Duke” — Image Number: WLK105b_0340r — Pictured: Jared Padalecki as Cordell Walker — Photo: Rebecca Brenneman/The CW — © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

With Twyla and the gang locked up, Cordell makes apologies to his kids. It was something he needed to do and to let them know that he will never leave them again. He meant it so much that they all took that undercover box and what was left of Duke’s things and set it on fire. What a way to send off Duke, right into the sparks from the flames that had held Cordell’s nerves and attention for so long.

Now for the bad news, fans will have to wait a couple of weeks to watch another new episode of Walker as the series is taking a bit of a break. The show will return March 11 at its regularly scheduled time. See you then!

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