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“To Your Eternity” – Spring 2021’s Best New Series

By: Robert Prentice

It is not often that a single episode of any show, anime or otherwise is enough to convince us to put it in the category of best new series. But one such show has revealed itself early in the Spring 2021 Anime season. “To Your Eternity” just premiered last Monday on Crunchyroll and we were not prepared for what it brought to the table. Manga readers of course knew full well what to expect, but without any spoilers, let us pitch you this emotional and deep new series.

First, let’s start with the synopsis for the series. In the beginning, an “orb” is cast unto Earth. “It” can do two things: change into the form of the thing that stimulates “it”; and come back to life after death. “It” morphs from orb to rock, then to wolf, and finally to boy, but roams about like a newborn who knows nothing. As a boy, “it” becomes Fushi. Through encounters with human kindness, Fushi not only gains survival skills, but grows as a “person”. But his journey is darkened by the inexplicable and destructive enemy Nokker, as well as cruel partings with the people he loves.

The series manga is written by Yoshitoki Ōima, the same man who brought us “A Silent Voice”. Having not read the manga myself, I was not prepared for what the story was going to bring us from the very first episode. As we watch the “orb” mimick life and learn in its journey we also meet a young boy who lives alone in the deep snowy tundra. What unfolds in the rest of the episode left me ruined for the rest of the night. Even after a second watch, I felt the same as the first watch. It is a series I cannot stop watching but also find very emotional. The animation and art style from Brain’s Base, the studio behind the anime, is well done as well. Small details in the coloring and subtleties in music and background heighten the sense of danger and emotion during the episode.

Add to that the closing theme song to the series is also awesome. They managed to grab Hikaru Utada, the same singer behind the theme song for the final Evangelion film, to do “Pink Blood”. Here is a teaser video for it, full song coming soon to her Youtube channel.

Head on over to Crunchyroll and check out To Your Eternity now! Oh and bring the tissues.

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