Marvel Phase 4

Marvel Phase 4 – Let’s All Go To The Movies

Super Hero Fatigue? What Super Hero Fatigue?

I will be the first to admit that in between Infinity War and Endgame I was feeling a little burnt out on Marvel movies. Exciting stuff was being announced and I just did not care that much. Then Endgame happened and it reminded me how much I loved this studio and these movies. Check out this incredible Marvel Phase 4 announcement.


How could that NOT put a smile on your face? This trailer embodies everything Marvel is. Bringing together a group of people to celebrate and exist together in one space is what they do best. The last 13 years have been such a wild ride and from the looks of this announcement we have so much to look forward to! We are finally kicking things off with Black Widow slated for July 9, 2021 and I have been waiting for this movie since they introduced her in Iron Man 2. Black Widow was the first kick ass female in the Marvel universe, so it’s about dang time she’s getting her own movie. Next we have Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings on September 3, 2021 and Eternals November 5, 2021. Rounding out this not-so-nightmare year we have Spider-Man No Way Home on December 21, 2021.

2022 is full of even more huge hitting movies with four titles officially getting release dates. The trailer finishes up with some 2023 releases and a very incredibly un-subtly subtle hint at a new Fantastic Four movie! After several failed attempts I imagine they’re finally going to get this movie right. We don’t know anything about what the Fantastic Four movie is or who will star in it,  but I imagine we’ll know sometime in the very near future.

The Future

This entire thing really perks up my spirits. After an incredibly tough last year, Marvel’s Cinematic Phase 4 is something to look forward to. The shows have definitely done a great job of keeping the spirit alive, but there is something completely special about seeing these movies in the theatre. I remember watching the Phase 1 marathon in the theatre, which ended in the premier of The Avengers, and that was honestly one of the coolest experiences in my life. Sitting in a theatre for hours surrounded by people who were excited to be there was amazing. I am definitely looking forward to safely check out these movies on the big screen soon!

How did this trailer make you feel? Are you excited for Marvel Phase 4? Let us know in the comments below.

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