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Page to Screen

“From Page to Screen” highlights the amazing bridge between comics and television/movies/video games. There are so many comics that Dark Horse publishes that are based off of television and movies. Publicist badass Anthony Mauro was joined by David Goodman, Paul Tobin, and Jody Houser. The Witcher, Stranger Things, Plants vs Zombies, and Orville were highlighted in this panel. Each creator shared their stories about how they were approached to write these licensed comics by their editors. Paul, who writes Plants vs Zombies, was actually playing Plants vs Zombies when he was approached! Of course, everyone was really excited to bring their own twist to these stories especially because of how passionate they are about each of the titles!

Their experiences are vastly different from each other and that’s what I find so fascinating. David Goodman writes for the show and the comics of Orville, Jody Houser only writes the comics for Stranger Things, and Paul Tobin basically got to create the world for Plants vs Zombies! It was really interesting to hear how different their approaches were when taking on the stories. They all had different things they had to be considerate about when it came to bringing their comics to life.


Image via Dark Horse ComicCon@Home

Screen to Page

They all talked about dream projects and what they would like to bring to comics next. I can definitely see their dreams becoming a reality with how creative they all are. There are a lot of television shows and movies that still have not been adapted to comic books and I can imagine that it would be pretty realistic for these to happen.

Check out the panel here and let us know what you thought in the comments below!

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