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ComicCon@Home: Destination Fear: Tales From Route 666

Destination Fear

This year marks the third season for Destination Fear, a show that explores the scariest places in the United States. The members of the team Dakota Laden, Chelsea Laden, Tanner Wiseman, and Alex Schroeder travel across the country on a road trip of terror. Their twist on the typical ghost hunting is that the members sleep in these haunted places alone! This was their first Comic Con panel and it was really enjoyable. I learned a lot about the team and what goes into an episode of Destination Fear.

The moderator, Sapphire Sandalo asked great questions of the panelists. Siblings Dakota and Chelsea grew up in a home that was haunted so that really shaped their decision to create this show. They talked about how putting themselves in these terrifying situations has helped them grow in their personal lives. I think that’s a really interesting takeaway. Watching these shows, I always imagine what it does to the cast in the moment, but I don’t really consider what it does to them outside the show.

Destination Fear

Image via Destination Fear – ComicCon@Home


One of the highlights of this panel was hearing about how there was one moment that scared them the most. One of the places they went had a live person trying to break into the location. Dealing with haunts and ghosts is different than dealing with real people and I can understand why they were so scared. Their biggest fear is running into a person who means to harm them, but also demons!

They also showed a clip of a moment during the show when Alex’s phone went off and it was a call from Tanner, who did not have his phone on him. Creepy! The preview they showed for next season looks like it is going to be a wild season. There are a lot of tense moments shown and I am really looking forward to it. Some bucket list locations for the cast is International and Alcatraz, so fingers crossed they can do an international season here soon! This was a really fun panel and I enjoyed hearing the stories from the cast.

Check out the panel here and let us know what you thought in the comments below!

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