The Addams Family 2- A Review

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Welcome to Spooky Season

A season where ghouls and goblins are celebrated and movies with spooky undertones and backgrounds are plentiful. The Addams Family 2 released October 1st to kick off the season and put us in the spooky mood. Except not. As a long time Addams Family and dark aesthetic fan, I was a little nervous about this movie when I saw a preview. The first one seemed the same, so I was not expecting much from this one. I got exactly what I expected. The Addams Family 2 was lackluster and really missed everything that people love about the original series and the movies. The dark humor was lacking. The wonder and charm was virtually nowhere to be found. The characters were very surface level. It was really disappointing!


The basic premise of the film was not bad. Due to something that I will not mention for spoiler’s sake, Gomez decides to take the family on a road trip across the U.S. It was fun to see them in different parts of the U.S., but I wish there was more to it. The point of putting them in different places is to highlight how truly different they are, but also to highlight how much wonder and positivity Morticia and Gomez have regardless of what they’re facing. Plus, in the original Wednesday doesn’t absolutely hate her family, she just finds everything unremarkable and blasé. I get that the film wants to highlight the “angsty teen” thing but that’s not the point of who Wednesday is. They also made Fester absolutely insufferable. He and Pugsley could have just not been in the film and I don’t think anyone would have minded.

There were a lot of unnecessary fart and body jokes that just are the sign of the times, I guess. Fart jokes seem to be something that studios think kids really enjoy, but c’mon. I know that this film was made for kids, but I have a hard time believing that younger kids could sit through this. It does not seem like it would land very well and the jokes are far enough apart that I think a kid might lose interest and want to go somewhere else. It definitely felt like they were trying to go towards a more Hotel Transylvania vibe, instead of sticking to the Addams Family vibe. They also really didn’t hit the Hotel Transylvania vibe either. The first one is one of my all time favorite movies, so if this was similar I would have loved it!

The Addams Family

Image courtesy of MGM

The Positives

For the sake of the argument, there were some things about the movie I did enjoy. First of all, Cousin It was the best. I love that he’s voiced by Snoop and they portray him as this pimp type character. Amazing! Also, I loved Lurch. There is a fantastic scene near the end of the movie that he shows off a side of himself that was pretty funny. I also didn’t completely hate Wednesday. She was brooding and genius enough that she still had a lot of qualities that make her Wednesday. I also love that they kept Gomez and Morticia as loving and suave as the original. They did not shy away from their romance and that’s arguably the best part about the Addams Family, so I’m glad they kept that in. The premise of the movie was decent and the message at the end was really wonderful too. I definitely can’t say that I’d watch this movie again, but there were some redeeming factors that made it an alright first time watch.


I would say overall this movie was just okay. There was nothing much to note on the negatives or positives. I actually don’t mind that I spent an hour and a half watching this movie. It didn’t feel like a waste of my time! Again, I’m not sure how much a younger kid would enjoy this movie. I don’t have kids, but I know enough of them to feel like this wouldn’t hold their attention unless they are maybe older than 10. I think that to kick off the spooky season this film probably wasn’t the right choice, my suggestion is to go back and watch Addams Family Values to really get you in the Addams Family mood!

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