Outlander Game Getting Closer to Delivery! Limited Stock Available

Last summer, we introduced to you the upcoming Outlander: The Series board game, and we know you were very excited! Designed by Canadian husband and wife Matthew and Ashley Killeen, the game takes you on adventures with Jamie and Claire, relying heavily on the show for images, events and characters. The game was originally slated to be delivered in time for Christmas, but due to manufacturing and shipping delays, the date has been pushed back – hopefully, delivery will be in February.

Recently, Matthew sent me actual game photos! This is a BIG game – cards, movers (“meeples”), lots of series photos! It sounds like a lot of fun to play with your Outlander friends – designer Ashley told us, “It’s a nice balance of cooperative, nobody wants Jamie to come to any harm, but you still want to be his favorite. So you can get a little catty, and that’s what makes the fun. You’ll be adding something a little stronger to your tea nights once you start playing that way.” You can read my full interview and learn a lot about it here.

Three If By Space offered pre-orders of the game, and we sold out of our initial expected supply very quickly. Because of the long delay, which was out of the Killeens’ control, we recently sent out emails to every customer who had pre-ordered, giving them the opportunity to cancel their order. We completely support the developers, and I’m really excited to get this whenever it arrives, but we understand that some of you may no longer be interested. However, it was obvious that I’m not the only one excited – we had just a couple of cancellations! Those, however, mean that we have a couple for anyone else to order! If you want a copy but missed the initial pre-order, you can place an order through us, and be assured that your copy will be sent to you as soon as we receive them. Click here to go directly to the pre-order page.

If you have preordered a copy, and your credit card has changed, please go to our shop and log in to update the card to be used. Pre-orders will be charged approximately 30 days before delivery. If you need help, email me at econrad@threeifbyspace.net, and I’ll work with you!

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