“Attack On Titan Season 4 Part 2” Premiere Breaks The Internet

The second cour for the final season of Attack on Titan just landed across streaming platforms and it has already set things on fire not just with the story plot, but with the very platforms streaming it. The first episode premiered at 3:45 pm EST today and immediately the Crunchyroll servers were overwhelmed. Posting on Twitter, the team at Crunchyroll was working on the issue within 15 minutes of it happening. The issue wasn’t fully resolved until 3 hours later.

The much-anticipated premiere had fans jumping to find someplace to watch it, including ourselves, which we ended up on Funimation to catch the episode. Though they too had some issues in the first hour of streaming that caused some fairly poor video quality from the stream. The new episode starts right where we left off last year with Eren caught by a surprise attack from Marley as many of his former friends and comrades were locked up under the castle, and reeling from the realization that Eren had seriously changed, after revealing his plans.

We won’t spoil any store points other than to say, things hit the ground hard and you don’t want to miss it. Pony Canyon posted the full opening and ending songs for the final episodes on their YouTube just after the episode aired in Japan and both very clearly tell a story. The first is very hard rock and rage-filled which is fitting for where we are in the story. The second one is just downright heartbreaking when you realize everything that Eren has gone through and will go through before the story is finished.

Check out the opening theme “The Rumbling” by SiM and the ending theme “Akuma no Ko” (a child of evil) by Ai Higuchi below. Catch the new season over on Crunchyroll or Funimation now. Use this link and get a 7 day free trial with Funimation.

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