The Batman: New Trailer Release

By: Bri
The Batman

Recently, we were treated to a brand new Batman trailer AND finally got a release date. The newest installation in the Batman world is one of many controversies. Of course, Robert Pattison taking the mantle is the biggest one, but this preview may have put people’s minds at ease. Check it out here:

The Bat and the Cat

Dubbed “The Bat and The Cat Trailer” we saw a ton of Selina Kyle in this preview.  Playing alongside Pattison, Zoe Kravitz will most likely steal the show, as we see in the preview. She is sultry and sassy and looks absolutely perfect for this role. Pattison, again being the subject of a lot of skepticism when it was first announced he was Batman, actually looks great. He’s definitely the quiet brooding type and it seems like they’re going to really use this movie as a way to explore his earlier years. They’re focusing more on bringing the Bruce Wayne side of him out since it seems like he’s been hiding behind his Batman persona and not being a Wayne.

We have The Riddler as the main bad guy, which is going to be really interesting. I wonder how much Penguin will make an appearance since Colin Farrell shows up a bit in the preview. Is he going to be a huge player in the movie or will he just be the side villain? OR are they going to have Riddler and Penguin co-villain-ing as they do so well in the Gotham series? Time will tell!

The Batman

Image courtesy of Warner Bros Pictures


I am really excited to see this movie. I do really love Batman, but I haven’t seen any of the DC movies that are related to the Justice League. If I’m being honest, I had no interest in Batman Vs Superman because it just looked so meh to me. Plus, no offense to Ben Affleck, but he was definitely not the best Batman. Again, I was super skeptical of Robert Pattison as Batman, but he really seems like a good fit now that I’m seeing him in action. Let’s be honest though, the real reason we’re all watching this is because of that really cool Batmobile. Am I right?

The Batman is set to release March 4, 2022 in theatres. Are you going to check it out or wait until it comes to the small screen? Did anyone decode the message at the end of the preview? Let us know in the comments below!


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