Netflix Geeked Week

Netflix Geeked Week Day 1: Announcements and Thoughts

By: Bri
Netflix Geeked Week

Today the annual Netflix Geeked Week kicked off with some major announcements. We celebrated being a geek in the best possible way, nerding out and seeing some of our favorite IPs brought to life on the small screen. New shows were announced and teased and some old favorites were officially given new seasons. Everything that someone could possibly hope for from horror to sci-fi to good ole Norse mythology was represented today. Let’s take a look at what was announced:

New Show Teasers


Young black haired girl and a severed hand perched happily on her shoulder

Hoy boy! We got a small teaser for the new Wednesday show. This obviously follows Wednesday Addams from the Addams Family and stars Jenna Ortega of Scream fame and also has Thing as her sidekick. Tim Burton is the twisted mind behind this story, which is perfect given his history. It looks quite amazing and I am going to be honest when I say I am really excited to see what’s in store for our favorite living dead girl. No exact date was announced, but it did say “Coming Soon” so hopefully that means within the next few months.

Guillermo Del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities

Black Screen with ornate words that read Cabinet of Curiosities

This is another one that immediately caught my attention. Guillermo Del Toro is one of those directors that I will follow through thick and thin and this looks like it is going to be an incredible anthology series. This project is especially fun because he compiled his favorite horror directors to put their spin on some terrifying stories, and knowing Del Toro, they will be terrifying! There is also a star-studded cast that will be in these episodes, with the likes of Andrew Lincoln (The Walking Dead), Rupert Grint (Harry Potter), and many more this is sure to be something spectacular. Once again, we didn’t get an official release date, just that it will be out in 2022.

The Midnight Club

Young adults sitting at an old table drinking from cups

Keeping up with the dark and spooky feels, The Midnight Club is a new show from the mind of Mike Flanagan. Flanagan is the creative genius that brought us The Haunting of Hill House and Midnight Mass (shout out to Rahul Kohli for announcing this show) and he’s back with an eerie look at a group of teenagers or early-20 somethings in a house chanting “Seen, or unseen. Here, but not here.” so who knows what that’s about.

Flanagan has a knack for the unsettling, with The Haunting of Hill House and Bly Manor making it difficult to walk through my house without feeling like I was going to run into the bent neck lady or something much worse. He is a great storyteller, so this one is going to be a fun ride for sure. We finally got a date for this one! October 7th is when The Midnight Club will make its way to Netflix.

School Tales The Series

Mulitple teenagers in school uniforms

Another anthology series on the list, School Tales The Series is set in a school in Thailand and inspired by horror comics. We got a look at three different stories from the eight-episode series. The first look was at a streamer who decides to check out a known haunted school with an unwilling friend following along. The second was a young girl going through a box of memories and coming across a curse that she can use on whomever she wants. The last look was another streamer who is trying to figure out what’s cooking in a suspicious lunch lady’s pot. All of these look like fun and are definitely ones I want to check out. This is another “Coming Soon” with no official date set.

The Imperfects

Red background with two females and a male looking angry, words read The Imperfects. Netflix Geeked Week

This show is probably one of the least interesting-looking shows to be announced today. I don’t mean that it doesn’t look good, but it kind of looks like everything else in this same genre that we’ve seen before. The Imperfects follows a group of young adults who were turned into monsters by evil scientists. I can definitely see this being someone’s cup of tea, and it might even be mine, but considering everything else we have coming our way, this one is getting pushed to the bottom of my list. Add this to the category of “Coming Soon” also!

One Piece

Boat that looks like a fish on the water. Netflix Geeked Week

We got something very special for One Piece today and that was a set tour! These sets are real-life ships that look like they actually float and it looks so cool! As someone who has embarrassingly not watched One Piece yet, I can tell from the set alone that they are putting a lot of soul into this show. Putting the nightmare that was Death Note behind us, I’m hoping that they will do the show justice for everyone who is a One Piece fan and that it can introduce new people to the franchise so they can get hooked on the original manga and anime!

Resident Evil

Yellow poster with creepy figure on the top, words read Resident Evil. Netflix Geeked Week

Ok, so obviously the movies weren’t the best things ever (I loved them), but c’mon. This show looks amazing! The zombie dog, the chainsaw zombie massacre, all of it. I am very much so looking forward to this new show. The CG and the zombies look really good and it seems like there is going to be a significant amount of badassery in this series. Thankfully we got a date for this and it is set to launch on July 14th! That’s so soon!


A giant screen surrounding a stage. Netflix Geeked Week

This show looks pretty interesting. From the creators of DARK, 1899 is about an immigrant ship traveling from Europe to New York and on the way come across a ship that went missing a few years before. They, of course, go and investigate and from there, things go sideways. It looks really good and mind-bendy, which is what I’ve heard about DARK too.

What makes 1899 so particularly interesting is that it is filmed on a “Volume” production set, which essentially means that the set pieces are surrounded by giant LED screens and the backdrop is shown on the screen. The actors all discussed what this was like during the teaser and they said that it felt very real. Overall, this show looks really interesting and I am looking forward to it. This one is, unfortunately, another “Coming Soon” title, but I can’t wait to jump into the water feet first when it comes out.

First Kill

Young girl with fans tinged red. Netflix Geeked Week

First Kill equals Romeo and Juliet meets vampires. This show is about two lesbian teens, Juliette and Calliope, who are from two totally different worlds. One is a vampire and the other is a vampire hunter. They must fight for each other against all odds in order to make their love work. The couple gets hot and heavy and something unexpected ends up happening. This looks like it will be a very sweet and spicy coming-of-age story that will be pertinent to those young LGBTQ+ viewers who might not be used to seeing themselves portrayed on screen.

The actors walk through the scene and give some interesting tidbits about their experiences and time on set. Overall, I can see First Kill being a hit for a lot of people. This show drops on Friday, June 10th!

Renewed for New Seasons

Below is a list of everything that was announced for a new season on today’s Netflix Geeked panel. These shows will just have the release dates and no explanation.

Sweet Tooth Season 2

The next season is of course on the “Coming Soon” list, so no idea when it will come out (I love this show and comic!)

Locke and Key’s Final Season, Season 3

The final season of the hit show is coming on August 10th.

Fate: The Winx Saga Season 2

A new fan-favorite character appears and the general timeframe for when fans can see Flora in action is Fall 2022.

Warrior Nun Season 2

The second season of this interesting show is coming to viewers this winter.

Shadow and Bone Season 2

Shadow and Bone Season 2 just wrapped so there is no date or timeframe for when this show will come back.

Manifest’s Final Season, Season 4

The final season of Manifest is on its way, but no date or timeframe was announced.

Vikings: Vahalla Season 2 and 3

From a normally serious show, we got some bloopers from Vikings: Vahalla, along with the announcement of Season 2 and 3. No date or timeframe for either (obviously not season 3)

Barbarians Season 2

This series will be getting its second season in Autumn/Fall of this year, and was announced as Roman Numerals, which probably threw off a lot of people!

All of Us Are Dead Season 2

The hit Korean zombie show is back with a second season, a sneak peek, and no official date or timeframe.

Alice in Borderlands Season 2

This Japanese survival show shared its first look at season 2 today with no official date or timeframe.

Wrapping Netflix Geeked Week Day 1 Up

If you notice a major announcement from Netflix Geeked Week missing from this list don’t worry. There will be more on The Sandman release date from me very soon.

With all of these amazing shows on the way, there’s definitely a reason to keep that Netflix subscription! I am looking forward to a lot of these on the list.

If you missed any of the fuss watch it on Netflix’s YouTube here!

Which of these are you looking forward to the most? Let us know in the comments!

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