Plan Your Trip! Diana Gabaldon to Speak in Inverness

As if you needed another excuse to go to Scotland, here’s a good one! Diana Gabaldon will be speaking in Inverness this fall, and you can go to hear her. And then stick around – the next week, Sam Heughan will be speaking in Edinburgh!

Our friends at Inverness Outlanders are excited to announce that the author of the international best-selling Outlander series of books, Diana Gabaldon, is set to appear for the first time at Eden Court Theatre in Inverness. ‘An Audience with Diana Gabaldon’ on Saturday, 15th October, 2022 features an evening in the company of the award-winning author, who will share her inspirations, research, love of Scotland and perhaps an insight into the work-in-progress of Book Ten in the series. Tickets go on sale on Monday 11th July and are expected to be snapped up by fans eager to travel to the Highlands for the occasion.

“Inverness is the perfect setting for an event featuring Diana Gabaldon,” said Sinead Robertson, Chair of Inverness Outlanders who invited the author to headline the event. “Inverness is the home of Outlander and the starting point of the tumultuous time-travelling storylines set in 18th century Jacobite Scotland, so it’s very fitting that she has agreed to come to the city which is at the heart of it all. It’s especially apt that she is visiting during the VisitScotland ‘Year of Stories 2022’, because we can think of no story set in Scotland that has had a bigger or more significant worldwide impact than Outlander.”

“We also know from Diana that the Highland capital is her favourite place in Scotland, because it reminds her of the small mountain town of Flagstaff, Arizona where she grew up. She says that she and her husband found Inverness enchanting and peaceful and somewhere they wouldn’t mind living. We’re sure she’ll enjoy the opportunity to visit the city again this autumn and the chance to meet many of her fans from Scotland and elsewhere.”

The first Outlander book was published in 1991 and, as of January 2022, the nine books in the series plus several spin-off novels have been published in 38 languages and sold in 114 countries. The books and TV series have had a massive impact on tourism to the Highlands and Scotland. In 2019 the author was presented with an ‘International Contribution to Scottish Tourism’ award by VisitScotland at the Scottish Thistle Awards for the Outlander Effect, which has seen visitor numbers to attractions used in the television adaptation of her novels rise on average by 40% from the year before their appearance on-screen.

Tickets for ‘An Audience with Diana Gabaldon’ at Eden Court on Saturday, 15th October, 2022 go on sale on Monday, 11th July, 2022 and are available from Eden Court Theatre, priced at £20 (about $24). There are currently no plans to offer a streaming or replay option. Inverness Outlanders is an Outlander fan group based in Inverness which shares information and connects with Outlander fans locally and around the world, acting as ambassadors for the Highlands of Scotland and promoting the area to the benefit of the local economy. Follow them on Twitter – @InverOutlanders. The Eden Court Theatre: Tickets for ‘An Audience with Diana Gabaldon’ on Saturday, 15th October 2022 are available from Eden Court Theatre from Monday, 11th July priced at £20. www.eden-court.co.uk

Sam will be speaking on October 23 in Edinburgh to debut his new book, Waypoints. You can get more info here.


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