Review – Thor: Love and Thunder

By: Robert Prentice
marvel Thor

Taika Waititi is back at the helm in the MCU. With this being his second Thor movie, comparisons to the first are certain to happen, and we even make that judgment below. Check out our spoiler-free review of the film coming out this Friday and let us know in the comments after you see what you think of the film.

Thor embarks on a journey unlike anything he’s ever faced — a quest for inner peace. However, his retirement gets interrupted by Gorr the God Butcher, a galactic killer who seeks the extinction of the gods.


Taika Waititi is back at the helm of Thor and by the gods we thank them. His style is more than a perfect fit for Thor with his attention to score choice and aesthetic. Thor: Love And Thunder bring us a “Guns and Roses”/metal vibe in the logo and movie posters. The musical choice is also very classical 80s rock as well. All of this sets up a post-Endgame story for Thor that revolves less around the Avengers as a whole and more around how Asgardians are moving forward now on earth.

Phase 4 has a lot of setup to do, and like the original films that started the MCU, it can feel daunting to keep track of. Love and Thunder introduce us to a large cache of new characters, from gods to celestials and more. Without getting into spoilers, we know from the trailers that we get to see the Greek god that, like Thor, uses lightning as his weapon of choice, Zeus. Played by Russel Crowe, Zeus comes off as an arrogant, self-serving God who cares nothing of the mortals. At least short of them worshiping and praying to him. Which sounds about on par for Zeus. The role that he and the other Gods play remains overall unknown, but there will be an after-credits scene to help explain that to a degree.

Gorr the god killer (played by Christian Bale) may be one of the first villains that we don’t completely despise at first. The film starts out with us getting a glimpse into how Bale’s character became the god killer. His quest to kill all the gods opens up to door to a much wider array of big bads that have been hinted at in recent phase 4 films, including the Eternals. But I promise it was done in a much less campy way with Love and Thunder.

Jane is back. And her encounter with Thor is everything you would hope it would be: awkward, whitty, one-sided, and hilarious. The Mighty Thor (Jane) has a history in the comics as well. Her role in this film is just as important as Thor (Hemsworth) in this film but helps provide fuel for the comedic aspect of Taika Watiti’s style. And trust me, the film doesn’t lack any funny moments. They are well-timed and just plain fun.

The soundtrack is another important piece of character to each Thor film and many MCU films. Like Guardians, Thor films live off these iconic soundtracks, and Thor: Love & Thunder does not disappoint on this front either. Even Heimdall’s son gives himself a new name, in honor of one of those famous bands from Earth.

Comparing Thor: Love and Thunder to Waititi’s previous Thor film Thor: Ragnorok, I feel Love and Thunder just edges it out overall. If anything, this film sets up a lot of story fuel for the MCU as it continues to charge into phase 4. On top of that, there are many cameos in the film that will excite fans, but again we will keep that spoiler-free and let you see it in theaters this Friday, July 8th.

Oh and as always, stay for the after-credit scenes (yes plural).

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