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Rooster Teeth Expo Makes Its Triumphant Return

The weekend before July 4th was the return of “Hot Nerd Summer” at Rooster Teeth Expo and boy was it glorious. Some returned to Austin Convention Center to see friends they hadn’t seen in over two years. Others flocked to the city for their first time. Rooster Teeth Expo, or RTX, is one that any Rooster Teeth fan should experience at least once in their lives (trust me, once will not be enough). This three-day extravaganza celebrates the company’s major wins and does so with their fans in mind.

As someone who has never been to RTX before, but has been a longtime fan, I knew that I wanted to experience this event at least once to see what all of the fuss was about. Knowing that this was a more scaled-down version of the previous years (ah, pandemics) I was really unsure what to expect and was worried that there might not be a lot to do. I was wrong! I have broken down each aspect of the con to discuss my overall thoughts and to let you know whether or not you should go next year.

Armando Torres picking up Jon Risinger at Rooster Teeth Expo

Armando Torres and Jon Risinger wrestling during the On the Spot panel -Photo Credit Jake Ward


I think my biggest gripe with panels is the fact they were announced very close to the start of the convention. They went up a week before the expo, this isn’t uncommon but I’m just bringing this up for planners’ sake. For me, this was slightly nerve-wracking, as I’m someone who really enjoys having plans set early. Especially because I was trying to fit other things around my RTX experience (Austin first-timer here). To someone who has gone before, or isn’t worried about when they arrive in or leave Austin, it’s a non-issue.

Once the panels were announced I had a few that overlapped with each other. But, like I always say, it isn’t a convention without overlap. Obviously, why would everything I want to see happen when I could see them! The panels I did attend were top-notch! I was lucky enough to see “On the Spot,” “30 Morbid Minutes,” Neebs Gaming, and so many more. Each panel was excellent. I really enjoyed hearing the behind-the-scenes facts, watching these hilarious people in person, and summoning the spirit of Mike (if you know, you know). The panels were major highlights of this expo and there was definitely something for every type of Rooster Teeth fan.

James Willems running around in a coat and a box.

James Willems running around as the Idiot Detective during the Funhaus panel. -Photo Credit Jake Ward


The panel rooms were easy to get to, but the lines were slightly confusing. There were different tiers of lines based on the badge you had. This made the lines of the panels even more confusing. Because of the fact I was a media badge, I was unable to reserve my spot. Sadly, I missed out on prime seating for some of my must-see panels. They also clear the rooms out in between panels. I’m not a fan of this aspect of this con. It’s difficult to make sure you have enough time between the ending of a panel and needing to get in line to see the next panel that starts in an hour. Thankfully, RTXLines on Twitter is an absolute life saver and notified me of the fact the “Annual Pass” panel was 50% capacity an hour before the start of the panel. I haven’t hustled that fast in almost three years.

The convention center itself is located in the heart of Austin and the area around it was full of food, fun, and great sights. The expo hall, or convention floor, was small but mighty. Let’s talk about that next.

Trevor Collins

Trevor Collins playing games with fans at the Illfonic booth. -Photo Credit Jake Ward

Convention Floor

The convention floor was tiny, but man it was great. There was a Voodoo Ranger booth that gave samples of a different beer every day. In the corner, you had a massive merch booth, full of so many Rooster Teeth goodies. There were PUPPIES! Of course, there were also a bunch of vendors with awesome art and shirts and much more. The best part of the floor was the gaming pavilion. Throughout the weekend, talent would mosey down to the gaming pavilion and play fan favorites like Minecraft, Gmod, and Super Smash Bros. This was where many fans got their opportunity to see their favorite Achievement Hunters, Squad Team Forcers, or Funhausers.

Another really great thing about this expo was how often the talent would appear on the floor. It was like the best game of iSpy ever. I’d turn a corner and run into Elyse Willems, go grab a beer in the Voodoo Ranger booth and see a wild Eric Badour or just be walking around and see Trevor Collins playing games against some fans at the Illfonic booth. This was arguably the best part of this whole expo. Every single member of Rooster Teeth that I met was incredibly kind and wholesome. I felt so welcome while talking to them! The same can be said for the Rooster Teeth community as a whole. Everyone on the floor was calm, chatty, and extremely friendly. This made this expo stand out above all of the others I’ve attended.


Considering how close to the downtown area this expo is, the nightlife is exactly what you make it. You can choose to go out and party or stay in and relax and recover for the next day. The rave looked like a blast and I know the comedy show was a huge hit! I think next time I won’t sleep on tickets to the comedy show and actually go to the things that RTX has to offer. The surrounding area was safe and walkable, I definitely had a great time. As I spent both Friday and Saturday nights kicking it with the Neebs Gaming crew at the Lustre Pearl on Rainey Street, I didn’t experience the RTX curated nightlife, but regardless I had a blast.

Rooster Teeth store

The Voodoo Ranger booth and the Rooster Teeth store.

Overall Rooster Teeth Expo Thoughts

Overall, Rooster Teeth Expo is something that should be experienced as a Rooster Teeth fan. If you have no idea what Rooster Teeth is, or don’t particularly care for their company or content, then this is probably one to sit out. Again, this was a huge weekend for me because I’m a pretty massive Rooster Teeth and Neebs Gaming (who were guests this year) fanatic so this really hit the spot for me. Austin is a great city and it’s probably a good idea to block out some time to explore it for yourself if you do go. My biggest advice is to make sure you jump on the comedy show, have gaps in between panels in order to account for lines and waiting (if you can), and keep your eyes peeled on the convention floor for your favorite RT member because I bet you’ll see them!

Have you ever been to Rooster Teeth Expo? If so what did you think?! Let us know in the comments below!

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