The Umbrella Academy Season 3: Review, Thoughts, and Spoilers

I can’t believe we’re here talking about The Umbrella Academy again. It has been a bit since the show aired its third season, but that just means I had more time to stew about how I feel. Overall, Season 3 was an excellent addition to the already impeccable series. This show really understood its source material and ran with it in the best way possible. There was so much that Steven Blackman did that gave this its own life while also ensuring they stayed faithful to the characters. Once again, all of the characters were so perfect and the new Sparrow Academy was a fun way to play with existing characters that didn’t have much of a backstory in the comics.

This season goes deep. I know the series always has, especially with all of the injustices Allison faced in Season 2, but they stay on track with that this season. They dive deep into some heavy topics and some interesting discoveries and character resolutions occur. I definitely think The Umbrella Academy Season 3 continued the amazing work that this series has brought to Netflix.

The Future

I will openly admit that I bawled at the end of this season, but not totally because of what happened. I bawled because it didn’t seem like there was going to be a renewal and that this was the end. As of the time of publishing, there hasn’t been a renewal announced by Netflix. Knowing how great this platform is at killing off amazing shows, I’m not holding my breath.

If you were, for some reason, hesitant to watch The Umbrella Academy Season 3 don’t be! Go watch it right now, because SPOILER TIME IS HAPPENING NOW!

Please do not read any further if you do not want to be spoiled for The Umbrella Academy, I beg of you.

Klaus from Umbrella Academy with Good Bye Tattoo on his hand

This isn’t from this season, I’m just telling you Good Bye if you don’t want spoilers!

I’m going to take a quick second to appreciate how incredible all of the actors are. Every single one killed it this season. You can really see how much they have all grown into their characters and see how happy everyone truly is to be there. Even the Sparrow Academy members who had some short-lived moments were a joy to watch on screen and I wouldn’t be upset if we got a Sparrow Academy spin-off show! As we didn’t get to know the Sparrows well enough, it would be fun to learn more about them and how they got to this point.

The cast of The Umbrella Academy all play their parts so believably well and I have seen so much anger towards Allison as a character which just proves how incredible Emmy Raver-Lampman is at portraying Allison in this evil way (please don’t be rude to the actors about their characters, they’re just doing their job and clearly doing it well!)

The opening dance scene was adorable! Hats off to everyone who made this show come together. It’s truly something special that will forever be one of the most important shows to me.

It’s a Boy!

These thoughts are going to be mildly out of order, but the first thing that came to mind was Diego, Lilah, and Stan. I know that he did not end up actually being their child, but that was a strange stunt for Lilah to pull. Lilah isn’t the most rational person so I can see where her logic came into play. However, the fact she just dumped Stan on Diego without even so much as a look at what Diego was dealing with is chaotic. Again, she’s a bit irrational, but you’d think maybe a bit of planning would go into her decisions. Who am I kidding? Lilah would never!

Diego as a father was something I never knew I wanted to see. He’s surprisingly a good dad once he gets the hang of it, but I think that really tells about his focus. When he focuses on something instead of being scattered he can really hit the bullseye (see what I did there?) It sucked Stan got Kugleblitzed, (did you see the mini Krakken on the side of the Slurpee cup?! It’s the comic version of Diego!) but it makes sense because he didn’t belong in that era at all. They also had to give them something to really be angry about and it worked. I am curious whether or not Lilah will still be pregnant in the current timeline. Considering nothing is as it was it would be strange for the baby to survive that? I guess we’ll find out.

Five startled in a car holding a map

We Love Our Biker Chimp

Speaking of Lilah’s irrational chaos. Let’s talk about her adventure with Five. I loved their fight scene in the bathroom. Their hatred towards each other was unmatched and it really came through during that scene. The fact they decided to work together for the greater good was a huge point of growth in both of their lives too. Of course, they didn’t really have a choice, but they almost got along in the end.

Five facing his mortality was a really overlooked scene in my opinion. They spent a good amount of time building up to the reveal and it was clear that a doppelganger was close, but I had no idea it would be The Founder who was causing him to sweat and itch. When Five watches himself die he doesn’t get a chance to take a breath and realize what happened. He immediately has to go try to save the Universe, but not save the world? I wish they had given him a bit longer to grieve that and to realize that he is going to die one day.

I loved seeing Five interact with Badass Biker Pogo! Every single version of Pogo is the best! It totally makes sense Pogo would convince the Sparrows to drug Hargreeves, he treated them all so horribly. I wonder why Pogo didn’t do that for the Umbrellas. And speaking of Hargreeves.


You get this really sympathetic feeling towards Hargreeves don’t you? I sure did and I got duped! Of course he was just using everyone, that’s what he does best. He never thinks of anyone other than himself, but I still guess I don’t understand why he threw Klaus away into the white buffalo? I know that he only needed 7 to complete the task, but if Klaus can just reincarnate why not let him reincarnate in Oblivion? There must be a reason… though it didn’t matter anyway. I’m really happy they brought Hotel Oblivion into this. I know it wasn’t quite the same as in the comics, but it was definitely a great interpretation. I also loved that during the ending of the universe the scene around Hotel Obsidian looked like the scenery around Hotel Oblivion. So good!

Hargreeves takes all of this time to build Klaus up and then uses him. It’s horrible because Klaus truly loved him and trusted him again. He got what he always wanted from Hargreeves and that was a true father figure, only to be completely betrayed. My heart broke for him when that happened.

Klaus and Ben sitting on an orange circle couch The Umbrella Academy

Finally Together, Not Just In Spirit

Ben and Klaus getting their moment together was so fleeting but so sweet. Now, I loved the wedding, but the best part was watching Klaus finally hang out with Ben in person. It was so special and so quick. In the scene where they’re all looking at the end of the universe, Klaus puts his head on Ben’s shoulder and it was such a tender moment because even though it wasn’t his Ben, it was still Ben. Major kudos to Justin H. Min, playing Asshole Ben must have been so fun for him and he portrayed it so well!

Klaus continued to be the most entertaining and fun part of this show. He went through so much growth, not just in his powers, but as a person this season because he experienced coming so close to getting what he wanted and then having it all taken away. He wanted Hargreeves to be a good dad but got betrayed. Wanted to find his mom, but Harlan unintentionally killed her. Wanted Ben back, but got Asshole Ben. Regardless of all of this he stayed himself and discovered so much. It was really sweet.

The Leading Man

Klaus is the best part of this entire series. Robert Sheehan is such a wonderful actor and I want to see him in more! Five is a close second. Aidan Gallagher always does a great job at playing the unhinged old guy. Their road trip was really fun to watch and the two of them together could literally carry the entire show. Carry on.

That’s Who That Is?

So. Harlan… Interesting choices and interesting storyline there. Once again we see the entire family treating Viktor like trash (note: the way they handled his coming out was amazing, great job all around there). No one listened to him when he had a plan, Allison sabotaged the peace he was trying to make with the Sparrows, and everyone blew him off at the ending. It’s no wonder he took to Harlan so much. He identified with him being an outcast and being someone that people threw to the side. Plus of course, being Cissy’s son and the accidental bearer of Viktor’s powers really made Viktor want to look out for him no matter what.

It was really really messed up that Allison killed Harlan. What was even more screwed up was that Viktor apologized to her. It doesn’t make any sense that he would do that and that anyone would encourage Viktor to apologize. Who cares if that’s what the Sparrows wanted? The Sparrows were showing no mercy as is and if Allison had just let Viktor explain himself in the first place this all could have been avoided. The lack of communication this season was so palpable, and again the cause of all of their issues.

Viktor and Allison talking The Umbrella Academy


I’ve seen it all over Reddit but I’ll say it again. Allison sucked this season. I don’t understand why she thought that Claire would be alive? We already knew that this was a totally different timeline. Since Hargreeves didn’t adopt that version of The Umbrella Academy then that wouldn’t put Allison anywhere near where she could be to meet her ex and have Claire. Plus, I don’t really know how she forgot that her whole relationship with her ex was a rumor of her own doing. Her blind selfishness was extremely frustrating, but Allison has always been a selfish person, and I think that’s a beat that a lot of people missed.

There were moments I felt really bad for her, like her rumoring herself, or attempting to. It was such an intense moment and her hatred of herself showed so much. She was already spiraling but that really put the nail in the coffin. Making the deal with Hargreeves was very off character for her, but I know that her back was against a wall and she’d do anything to get her old life back, even betraying her family. The Luther scene was the worst and I hated it, but they really just moved on quickly without any repercussions. That sucked. I know that she tried to redeem herself in the end, but she didn’t because she just gave herself and Hargreeves everything they both wanted while taking everything away from her family.

Viktor and Luther smiling while sitting on a couch The Umbrella Academy

Cue The Tears

In the moment where Hargreeves killed Luther and he said “Weddings and funerals bring a family together and we tried the one that didn’t work out” I thought for sure Sloane was in on the plan and her love for Luther was all a lie. I got really nervous until Sloane saw Luther dead and lost it. I think out of all of the characters this season, Sloane was the most selfless one. She was such a sweet character and I loved her relationship with Luther. The wedding and Bachelor party were all fun scenes and when Sloane and Ben had their heart to heart it was a really touching moment that the two had never experienced before. I really hope that if we do get another season, Sloane is brought back.

Luther was one of the better characters this season too. I know people weren’t too fond of him in Season 1 or 2, but I really adored him. He was always cheerful and goofy, and regardless of the world ending he always tried to stay positive. It’s about time he loved someone who loved him back. He didn’t deserve to be treated the way he was treated by Allison at all. His realization that everything Hargreeves did to him was a lie was really tough to watch too. I know he knew the Moon mission was for nothing, but the full understanding he came to this season also really changed him. I’m excited to see what’s next for him.

The Umbrella Academy Season 3 Overall Thoughts

When the Umbrellas communicate, things actually get done, but not one moment where a major decision was made had all seven of them in the room. Every time they chose which path to move forward on someone was missing. Klaus was on his adventure with dad. Luther was with the Sparrows. Allison was…being Allison. Not one time were they all there. Even in the end when everything came to a head, Luther wasn’t there. It proves the dysfunctionality and also how drastically different their lives would be if they all stopped acting so selfishly. This is the main through thread of every season though. No matter what, selfishness wins out and it definitely screwed them over this time.

With how open they left the ending of the season, it will be interesting to see what brings them all back together. I imagine it will be the fact they need to take Hargreeves down, but how are they going to do that? Taking Hargreeves down might mean none of them exist and things all end? Since we don’t know if they are renewing The Umbrella Academy for a fourth season it’s hard to say whether or not we’ll get any answers or if they’ll just be in limbo for the rest of their lives. Oh, how about that mid-credit Ben scene?! GASP! What does it mean?! Where will they all go!

I know I’m missing a lot here, but this is quite lengthy so I will cut it shorter than it could be.

What did you think of the newest season of Umbrella Academy? Let us know in the comments below!

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