Review: “Bodies Bodies Bodies” is neither funny nor worthy of a slasher film

By: Robert Prentice

Sometimes films will make fun of themselves and other times they try to make fun of a group of people or a genre. A24 has come in with what has been dubbed a new slasher genre entry for the Gen-Z crowd. The question is, whether Bodies Bodies Bodies holds up to the standards that the slasher genre has set. And if not, does it redefine the genre?

When a group of rich 20-somethings plan a hurricane party at a remote family mansion, a party game goes awry in this fresh and funny look at backstabbing, fake friends, and one party gone very, very wrong.


Bodies Bodies Bodies is clearly focused on Gen-Z as evidenced by the focus on that generation’s buzz words, habits, and privileges. The premise is they are all stuck in a house they are throwing a hurricane party in and people start dying. The concept of this type of horror film is not new. However, Bodies Bodies Bodies never reaches the level of ‘horror’ that we would define the genre today and instead feels like someone made a spoof of the Scary Movie franchise, which is a spoof of slasher films itself. Even with the saying that art imitates life, life is pretty stupid in this film.

From characters being ‘triggered’ by each other to them needing safe spaces and obsessive about Tic-Tok, Bodies Bodies Bodies has something to say about Gen-Z. It’s telling them to look in the mirror. This generation’s worst fear is itself. Lee Pace feels out of place as the older, more mature boyfriend of one of the main characters. Each of the characters’ reasons for accusing the other is so shallow and without any convincing argument.

The tropes in this film are pretty on brand for slasher films. Like the focus on the visor in the car, which made us all painfully aware the battery would be dead later. Or the playing of a game that would make it hard to tell if people were joking or still playing the game. The twist at the end was laughable, to the point that I had a chuckle in the theatre. However, that was the only part where the comedy might have been intentional or funny. In this regard, the film failed to meet the slasher or comedy mark.

Bodies Bodies Bodies was the worst of all the slasher movie tropes, without any of the good scares and twists. It lacked the true comedy of self depreciation that Scary Movie had of itself that made them fun to watch. If you are of the Gen-Z generation this movie will likely speak to you and you may come out of the theatre feeling targeted. Just remember it’s not personal and to hug a friend if you need it.

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