Checking out the Stranger Things Tarot Deck from Insight Editions

By: Robert Prentice

Stranger Things Season 4 may have just concluded but you can still enjoy the world of the upside-down, with a set of Tarot cards themed with art and characters from Netflix’s Stranger Things. From Insight Editions, this Tarot Card deck includes 78 fully illustrated deck and a 124-page guidebook to walk you through the major Arcana (tied to key events in Stranger Things). Tarot cards played a major role throughout the 15th century in many parts of Europe being played as a suited card game and for divination purposes starting in the 15th century.

We were provided a review copy of these cards to check out and here is what we found checking them out.

The artwork on this deck is awesomely detailed, reliving some of our favorite moments from Stranger Things. Even if you got them for nothing more than to enjoy the art they are worth it. But let’s check out a traditional reading as per the handbook. 

  • What is my question to the deck? – The Fool (inverted) Fearing the unknown is reasonable, but you cannot be stuck in fear and not embrace the world around you for all of its surprises.
  • How am I being challenged? – Knight of Dice – The knight of dice is bold and spontaneous. Use your communication skills to confront problems
  • What is my strength? – Page of Dice – You are full of creative ideas from stories to exploring the world of science. Use your skills to express and explore new ideas. This is your strength
  • What are my weaknesses? – You are distracted by the feeling that people are keeping information from you.
  • How does this reading help me grow? – The Magician – The magician has everything they need to achieve their goals with a strong sense of ethics and care for others.
  • What will I uncover from this reading – X of Scoops – You are in a place of security and should feel confident to stay where you are and continue to enjoy the rewards

So this is my first time doing a reading. Interesting to say the least, not sure if did it right or not. If you want to get a set of these cards for yourself, visit Amazon (as they are sold out directly with Insight Editions). The set goes for $27.99.

About Stranger Things Tarot Cards

Netflix’s Emmy Award–winning series Stranger Things has captivated the imaginations of millions of viewers all around the world. Now fans can experience the series like never before, with the first official Stranger Things tarot deck! Featuring original artwork inspired by classic tarot iconography, this 78-card deck comprises both major and minor arcana and depicts fan-favorite characters, imagery, and themes from Stranger Things. Packaged in a collectible gift box, it’s a totally tubular gift for Stranger Things fans and tarot enthusiasts alike!

78 TAROT CARDS: Each card depicts fan-favorite characters, imagery, and themes from Stranger Things representing the major and minor arcana.

ORIGINAL ILLUSTRATIONS: Each card is a work of art featuring an original, detailed image of iconic characters and scenes from Stranger Things, from the dreaded Demogorgon and the sinister Mind Flayer to dynamic duo Steve Harrington and Robin Buckley!

HELPFUL GUIDEBOOK: The included guidebook explains the meanings of each card as well as a few simple spreads for easy readings.

BEAUTIFUL GIFT: The tarot deck and guidebook are packaged in a deluxe gift box, perfect for gift giving.

COMPLETE YOUR STRANGER THINGS COLLECTION: Discover more striking original artwork from Hawkins, Indiana in Stranger Things: The Ultimate Pop-Up Book, also available!

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