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Local Events Review – Stranger Things: The Experience – Atlanta

By: Robert Prentice
Netflix Stranger Things

Netflix has partnered up with Fever, to bring an immersive experience to fans around the world for Stranger Things. Previously hosted in New York and San Francisco, the experience had made it home to the place where the series was born, Atlanta. The experience has a whole takes about an hour to complete, but you could spend so much more time in the final area of the experience, and they didn’t stop on keeping things immersive there. So let’s dive in.

What is Stranger Things: The Experience?

Courtesy of Netflix.

Your chance has arrived. Stranger Things: The Experience throws you headfirst into your favorite show —join Eleven, Dustin, Mike, Lucas, Max, and Will for a very special episode starring… you! Venture inside Hawkins Lab for a 45 mins. an immersive experience featuring a brand-new Stranger Things storyline, then explore an 80’s-themed Mix-Tape medley with food & drinks, special merchandise, photo ops, and much more.

You will spend your time in Hawkins lab, starting from the moment you walk in, everyone is in character and you begin to experience what it means to be a patient of Hawkins lab. We had more than a few awkward, funny and creepy moments waiting to go into the lab from the start, but needless to say, the team did an amazing job of staying in character during the event. There are a total of 3 rooms, and you will get the chance to interact with your favorite Stranger Things characters and discover your superpower. Unlike many productions which ultimately don’t or can’t use the original cast when creating these interactive experiences, Netflix and Fever did. All of the original cast is back and you will get the chance to experience the best that these new experience technologies have to offer.

Your time in these rooms will mostly be listening, watching, and some hands-on but unlike an escape room, you won’t be working on figuring out keypads, doing puzzles, or unlocking secrets. This is the only thing that I felt could be improved in the experience. When you finish the final room, you are then let into the Mix Tape experience and you are transported to Starcourt mall.

What is Mix Tape?

Mix Tape takes you back into the 80s as you experience Starcourt Mall with all the pomp you would expect. From the iconic Scoops Ahoy, and Family Video, to Palace Arcade and the Pizza shop, all of the iconic locations are here in one place for you to check out. Each of the shops also has merchandise from the series that you can snag to remind everyone of your love for Stranger Things. There is also a bar with themed drinks (The Demogorgon was my favorite) and food from the pizza shop for snacking while you hang out with your friends at the mall.

And of course, photo opportunities at each of those iconic locations are a must for any fan to go and experience. Frankly, we spent almost twice as much time here as we did in Hawkins Lab.

Our final thoughts

I loved it overall. As a fan of the series and a fan of immersive experiences, it ranks among some of the best ones out there. My only minor gripe was that there should have been a little more interactivity in the rooms but beyond that, they did an amazing job capturing the essence of the series while also giving you something fun to remember. I have included some photos from our visit to the event below. Highly recommend this as a larger group event.

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How do I go to Stranger Things: The Experience?

Visit Stranger Things: The Experience on Fever to snag your tickets, details on location and pricing below.

  1. Date: Starting October 2022.
  2. Duration: 45 mins. immersive experience, then you are welcome to stay and hang in the Mix-Tape as long as you’d like!
  3. Location: Pullman Yards, 225 Rogers St., Atlanta, GA 30317
  4. Age requirement: This experience is recommended for ages 13+. All minors must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Due to the nature of the experience and special effects, children under 5 will not be admitted.
  5. Dress code: Dressing for the occasion is highly encouraged.
  6. Price: Tickets start at $49.
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