Virtual Christmas Cocktail Crawl 2022 – TiBS “Deep Thought” Cocktail

By: Robert Prentice

It’s that time of year when family members get you that fruit cake you always wanted (as a doorstop), or someone spiked the egg nog and thought it was cute (wasn’t in college either). Whether you have a cousin Eddie in your family or you are Clarke W Griswold and you are bound and determined to have the Hap Hap Happiest time this year, it’s important to have a drink you can take the edge off with.

This year, we have partnered up with our friends Emma Loggins with and Matt Rodriguez of to bring you a 2022 Holiday Virtual Cocktail Crawl. Emma’s “The Bolt” and Matt’s “The Flame” can be found on the linked pages below.

First Stop on the 2022 Virtual Cocktail Crawl

At the first stop on our virtual cocktail crawl, we are going to talk about our drink, which we have called “Deep Thought”. If you didn’t know, I love geeky stuff, and if you do too you probably already caught the reference in the drink. But why did we call it that? Well, that’s simple, the drinks’ two main ingredients call for 4 oz of one ingredient and 2 oz of another, which is 4-2 or 42, the meaning of life, the universe, and everything.

Photo By: Robert W Prentice. 2022.

So what does it take to make our drink? Firstly let’s start with an ingredient list and talk about the color-changing aspect of this drink.

  • Ginger Beer (4 oz)
  • Bourbon (2 oz)
  • Fresh Squeezed Lime or Lime Juice (1/2 oz)
  • Butterfly Pea Tea (1 Cup)
  • Crushed Ice
  • Novelty or crushed “Magic Ice”

Now, just what is “Magic Ice” and Butterfly Pea Tea? The tea provides a natural deep indigo coloring to the water it’s steeped in and when it comes into contact with the acidic nature of the bourbon and the ginger beer, it causes a reaction that changes the color to a purplish color. Neat!

For the Magic Ice

  • Add hot water to the Butterfly Pea Flower Tea
  • Allow to steep for 3-4 minutes.
  • Toss Tea bag or strain flowers
  • Pour into ice cube trays and freeze (do roughly 6 hours before you got make your drink)
  • Crush ice and serve! OR use a Novelty ice tray like we did for something more fun

Now for the drink itself. We used Stormtrooper ice cube trays to add a geeky flair to our drink, you are welcome to use anything you want to make your ice cubes.

  • Partially fill your glass with clear crushed ice
  • Top with “Magic Ice”
  • Add Lime Juice
  • Add Bourbon
  • Add Ginger Beer

And now you have a “Deep Thought” waiting for you to sip your way through the holiday. And remember don’t forget to share this recipe with your friends, and don’t forget your towel. 😉

Next Stops on the 2022 Virtual Cocktail Crawl

Fanbolt’s “The Bolt”

FanBolt’s “The Bolt” not only sports FanBot’s electric blue color, but it also translates the feeling of geeking out into cocktail form.  It’s deliciously sweet and almost tropical in taste. And because FanBolt’s Editor loves Hawaiian pizza, this one’s got pineapple in it as well! It’s a rum-based drink topped with Blue Curaçao, Orange Curaçao, and Pineapple Juice. It packs a punch and will leave you energized to keep on geeking out – even if it’s just over more cocktails!

Shakefire’s “The Flame”

Shakefire’s The Flame: Bring a little heat to your holidays, literally. This fiery cocktail is sure to warm you up with tasting notes of raspberry and lemon. Burning atop two layers of Shakefire’s signature colors of red and yellow, The Flame is as delicious as it is beautiful.

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