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Anime You Can Watch Endlessly – According to a Fan

By: Robert Prentice
Crunchyroll Funimation

We all have that one movie, or TV shows that we could rewatch endlessly. Something about the characters or the story has endless replay value or meaning to us. Anime is no different, and in many ways rewatching something we love is a to deal with stress. It brings us to a comfort zone and allows us to enjoy something purely because we can. So let’s explore 3 such anime series, from my point of view.

We would love for you to sound off in the comments and tell us what your top 3 anime are that you could rewatch endlessly.

Courtesy of Viz Media

Hunter x Hunter (2011)

Gon Freecss aspires to become a Hunter, an exceptional being capable of greatness. With his friends and his potential, he seeks out his father, who left him when he was younger.

Hunter x Hunter is one of those series that seems to never get old every time I watch it. The friendships and dynamics between our main characters Gon, Killua, Kirapika, and Leorio are as classic as friendships come. However, watching Gon and Killua’s friendship is something next level. What those two go through for each other is just bonkers. Plus let’s face it, we all love to watch Gon kick Hisoka’s ass over and over (granted he only manages to land a punch but still).

Hunter x Hunter has a little something for everyone whether your favorites are Gon and Killua, Kirapika and his journey to avenge his clan, or Leorio’s clueless but well-meaning nature.

Courtesy of Funimation

My Hero Academia

The story follows a middle school student, Izuku Midoriya, who is obsessed with the strongest (and most popular) hero, All Might. Midoriya knows everything about All Might, and it’s his dream to grow up and become a powerful hero too, so he can make sure everyone always has a smile on their face.

The superhero genre is massively over-saturated thanks to DC and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And it’s true that myself included, everyone is burned out on the genre as a whole. My Hero Academia falls into that same genre for anime but it’s unique in that it covers the heroes before they were heroes. This series covers the gambit of typical anime tropes: the beach episode (or in this case the pool), the school festival, the villain arc, and all-out war.

But our title hero, Deku, and his #1 rival Bakugo provide a brotherhood/friendship that reaches the levels of Naruto and Sasuke. Rewatching as Deku struggles to grow up to be the hero he wants to be and all of the antics that entails allows for many rewatches of past episodes. It’s funny when it wants to be, serious when it needs to be, and meaningful when all seems lost.

Courtesy of Funimation

Tenchi Muyo: War On Geminar

From the creators of Tenchi Muyo! Young Kenshi Masaki suddenly finds himself transported to the world of Geminar where he’s caught between a beautiful princess, a violent civil war, and a hoard of gorgeous girls who are dying to get their hands on him!

The world of Tenchi Muyo has a rich history in anime. In this particular story, the focus is on Tenchi’s younger brother Kenshi Masaki. The series has a heavy harem tone to it throughout the episodes, but if you look past that, there is a rich and unique story to be told about the world of Geminar, why Kenshi is there, and just some fun mecha action to go with it. Of course, you will also get the slice of life, school life, sports festival, and harem tropes as well but honestly give it a shot, the long 45 min episodes make for mini-movies out of the 13-episode series.

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