Droughtlander End in Sight! New Info on First S7 Outlander Episodes

One month from today, the latest Droughtlander officially ends. On Friday, June 16, we’ll be able to watch episode one of Season 7, the penultimate season of our favorite show (barring a special early release of that first episode, which wouldn’t surprise me). Are you ready?

Quick recap of last season, since it’s been a hot minute – Ian returns to the family after a few years of living with the Indians. Roger recovers from his hanging and subsequent depression. Claire “invents” ether, and uses it as an escape from PTSD she suffers from her attack by the Browns in Season 5. Lizzie is pregnant, and marries both Kezzie and Jo Beardsley. Jamie becomes an Indian Agent for the British, has a moral crisis over providing them with guns that may be used against the side of revolutionaries, and ends up resigning. We meet the Christies. Tom is a former fellow Ardsmuir inmate, at religious and philosophical odds with Jamie. He brings with him his son Alan, dark and broody, and his daughter Malva, pretty and tiny, but devious. Malva is also bright and curious, and becomes Claire’s apprentice, seeing another way of life as she works with Claire. Claire falls deathly ill (hence the awful haircut). Malva finds herself pregnant, and accuses Jamie of having an affair with her.  Brianna is pregnant (something in the water there on the Ridge?). After recovering,  Claire finds Malva dead in the garden, tries to save her baby’s life, and ends up accused of murder. After a shootout that destroys much of their (overly) beautiful home, the Brown gang drags her off to supposedly have a trial for that crime. In the process, Jamie is grabbed with the intent of throwing him on a boat to Scotland, but he is rescued by Ian, and they set off to get Claire back. Phew! OK, got your breath back? Now, let’s head into Season 7!

Spoiler Warning!!

WARNING: If you want to go into the season not knowing anything, stop here and skip down to the red headline below!!



here it is:

This is the official season synopsis:

Following the harrowing events of Season 6, Jamie and Young Ian race to rescue Claire before she’s tried and wrongfully convicted for the murder of Malva Christie. But their mission is complicated by the beginning of a geopolitical firestorm: The American Revolution has arrived. In the seventh season of OUTLANDER, Jamie, Claire, and their family are caught in the violent birth pains of an emerging nation as armies march to war and British institutions crumble in the face of armed rebellion.

The land the Frasers call home is changing – and they must change with it. In order to protect what they’ve built, the Frasers have to navigate the perils of the Revolutionary War. They learn that sometimes to defend what you love, you have to leave it behind. As the conflict draws them out of North Carolina and into the heart of this fight for independence, Jamie, Claire, Brianna, and Roger are faced with impossible decisions that have the potential to tear their family apart.

Starz has also provided us with some info about these first few episodes.

Episode 1: A Life Well Lost.  Jamie races towards Wilmington to rescue Claire from the gallows, only to discover that the American Revolution has well and truly reached North Carolina.

Jamie in Wilmington. Episode 701, provided by Starz.

Episode 2: The Happiest Place on Earth. Claire makes a startling discovery about Roger and Brianna’s newborn daughter. A familiar face returns to the Ridge with explosive consequences.

Brianna, Lord John, William. Episode 702. Provided by Starz.

Episode 3: Death Be Not Proud. Jamie discovers Arch Bug has been keeping a dangerous secret. In the 20th century, Roger and Brianna find a link to Jamie and Claire.

Claire and Jamie. Episode 703, provided by Starz.

If you’ve read the books, at least through book 7, much of this should sound familiar, and cheers for that! As of today, I have actually seen episodes 1 and 2 (yes, really, and don’t ask me any questions), and all I’ll tell you is – they’re fairly close to scenes in the books, or at least to the essence of the books, adapted for the show; and I think I broke down in tears at least 5 times in the 2 hours.

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Starz also provided a list of shows that will be available on the channel – “if you liked this, you might like these.” Those titles include Men in Kilts: A Roadtrip with Sam and Graham,  Aloha, Destination Wedding, Dresser, Elizabeth, Elizabeth: The Golden Age, Endings, Beginnings, Frankie, The Laureate, Ma Belle, My Beauty, Man Up, Mr. Turner, Never Let Me Go, On Chesil Beach, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, The Queen of Spain, A Royal Night Out, Sommersby, The Swearing Jar, and Vanity Fair. But when will you have time????? Outlander is scheduled to have these first 8 episodes of Season 7 go through August 31, with no date set yet for the second half of the episodes. So maybe some of these can help you fill what we hope will be a mini-Droughtlander until next  year! (also, hey Starz, when will season 2 of Men In Kilts air?? We need ta need ta know!)

As always, I’ll be reviewing each episode, so be sure to check back here the weekend after  they air. Be sure to comment on the review with what you thought, what you were hoping for, whether it met your expectations! Do you need to rewatch Season 6? Starz will be doing S6 marathons on June 1 (World Outlander Day) and June 11. Check your station guide for times and channel numbers.

And once again, Sam Kraupner and I, and perhaps some co-hosts, will bring you the Outlander Gab, our live show recapping the episode. We’ll bring you any Outlander news and commentary, possibly some interviews – and the chance for you to join us live and chat with us! At the end of the last season, we moved to Instagram Live, and we’ll continue there this season. We’re still working on finding our home on Instagram, so I’ll be sure to let you know where to go. But we’re moving to MONDAY nights, now that the show airs on Friday. Don’t worry, I’ll remind you!

Finally, keep an eye out in the next couple of days – I’ll be bringing back our fun Outlander Poetry Contest! New categories, yes there will be prizes – warm up your pens!!

Comment below – what are you hoping for this season? What do you think of the split season?

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