Men In Kilts Goes Kiwi, S2 Debuts in August!

We’ve been waiting, and waiting – and finally, our patience is rewarded! The second season of that incredibly fun buddy road show, Men In Kilts, shows up on Starz on August 11!

Filmed entirely in New Zealand during the country’s nearly complete Covid shutdown, Sam Heughan and Graham McTavish are off to show us a country that not many people are familiar with. While the first season was shot (and reshot) in Scotland, they took the opportunity to film in this wonderful place while outsiders were in general now allowed in, but the country internally continued to function. New Zealand is currently Graham’s home, and I’m sure he was very proud to show off its beauty to the world.

The bad news is that this season is only FOUR EPISODES!! So it will be over in the blink of an eye. Starz sent out a short press release this morning, saying that this season will “give a taste of the wild adventure in store, showing some of their exploits, including a thrilling zip line excursion and spotlighting the enduring friendship between the two men.”

I’m personally partial to New Zealand – my oldest son and his brand new wife (at the time) moved there three weeks after their wedding in 2019, and had two little boys during the Covid closure. My husband and I got there just days after the borders opened, just over a year ago, and were completely blown away by the amazing natural beauty and the loveliness of the people. So I’m particularly eager to see it through Sam and Graham’s eyes, and meet the people they talked with along the way!

So you’re ready – New Zealand consists of two main islands. The smaller north island contains the majority of the population (my son lives on the far east coast, in Napier). Some of the Lord of the Rings movies and the new Amazon Prime show were shot on the north island. But the majority of the really rugged, beautiful mountain landscape is in the wild south island, and you can see much of that in the LOTR films. New Zealand has a large population of people of Scottish descent, and many of its town names echo the places Scottish emigrés left, but many more are in the language of the indigenous people, the Maori. When you talk with local people, you’ll find many Maori words in their everyday conversation (and my grandsons are learning them as well!). There is even a move to change the official name of the country to Aotearoa, which loosely translates from the Maori to “land of the long white cloud”. Hiking, backpacking, and other outdoor, adventurous pursuits are important to the country. Sam and Graham probably fit right in!

AND – of course they’ll have a companion book! You can order now:


(this is the end of this tweet that was cut off:
For full details (including how both events can be streamed if you can’t be there in person! And how you can nab an exclusive tour edition of the book…) head over to We can’t wait to see you and relive our Kiwi adventure! (No McTavish was hurt during the making of this book)

Here’s the link to the tickets for their talk – Clanlands
And check out Men in Kilts on!

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