New! S7 Outlander Poetry Contest Open Now

While Diana Gabaldon’s words are often poetic, I’ve found that fans of the books and show can sometimes come up with their own beautiful language. Or  not… sometimes it’s just funny, or clever! And in the past, I’ve really enjoyed  reading what everyone creates in previous Outlander poetry contests. It looks like I haven’t done this in a couple of years, so let’s do it again!

Outlander Season 7 Marketing Photography 10/21/22-10/22/22

Here are the rules:

  1. Closing date for submissions: June 16, 2023. All submissions should be emailed to me at erin.conrad@threeifbyspace.net. That is the ONLY way I’ll accept submissions. Please use the subject line “Outlander Poetry.” Include your name, which of the following categories you’re submitting in, and your Twitter handle if you have one (not required).
  2.  Please give me a plain text version – not on any pretty background, etc. (If you MUST give me a pretty background, also include the plain text version.) Also please, no epic lengths. I need to be able to read EVERYBODY’s submissions in a timely manner, don’t want to overburden my friendly assistant judges, and have to still have time to review weekly episodes of our favorite show!
  3. You can submit up to 2 poems, either both in the same category or in two different categories. Entrants may only win once, however.
  4. A prize will be awarded in each category (non-US winners may receive an alternate prize due to costs of postage). I don’t know  yet what the prizes will be, don’t ask. Hopefully the winners will enjoy what I send them. All poems will be published on threeifbyspace.net.
    1. A new character for S7 (including William, since we have a new actor).
    2. How Outlander has affected you.
    3. Jamie and/or Claire.
    4. Make me laugh!

Happy writing! Hopefully it will fill these last few days before the start of Season 7! Be sure to look for my weekly episode reviews, and join us on Instagram Monday night for the Outlander Gab live! More info coming on exactly where to find us.

Need some inspiration, or just want to read past submissions? Here are links to previous contest winners and entries:

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2021 Winners

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