Science Fiction and Much More

Science Fiction is a genre that spans decades and all age groups. It’s a medium for all of us to explore our deepest imagination and our darkest fears. Science Fiction has come to us in so many forms: comics, books, TV series, movies and video games. With the simple flip of a page, or turn of the channel, we are instantly transported from our home to a new world full of life and amazing ideas. The men and women behind these marvels of modern science fiction have used the latest technology to help bring things to life that we could only dream of in the past. There is no limit to what Science Fiction can give us; and as one TV channel dedicated to the subject said in the past, “Imagine Greater” (Syfy).

In 2014, with our ever-growing base of Indie Project awareness and expanded readership, Three If by Space rebranded to be a geek and indie genre site, covering all aspects of the geek fandom, including and beyond science fiction.

Three If By Space – A Look Behind The Name

Our site was founded on the TNT show Falling Skies. One of the best new dramas in 2011, Falling Skies brought in a record number of viewers on TNT. We started this site to discuss plot lines, episodes and enjoy talking Alien. To make things even better, the show’s Executive Producer is Steven Spielberg, the science fiction visionary of our time. You might ask then, how did we come up with the name? Well, Falling Skies is based in Boston, and the lead character, Tom Mason, is a history professor, so of course he talks about the Revolutionary War a lot. In the comic book prequel done by Dark Horse Comics, a poster is seen being put up by the 2nd Mass (Mason’s fighting unit) that says “One if by land, Two if by sea.” This was a homage to the lantern’s light to signal that the British were coming  – and this stuck in our mind as a great way to dedicate our site to the show that started it all for us, and add a scifi twist to it.

We are run by and for the fans of sci fi. We write about shows geeks like and we ourselves love.