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Our CALL IN PHONE NUMBER: 929-477-3898

The Outlander Gab on the Air!

Tuesday, 9 pm Eastern, 8 Central – Call in and chat with us about the return of Outlander, second season of Men In Kilts, Bees, and LOTS of event coverage!! Join Erin Conrad, senior editor of Three If By Space, with co-host Samantha Kraupner and guest host Koko Pipkin, to celebrate the end of Droughtlander. Call in and tell us how you watched the premiere!

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When calling in – you’ll initially hear a recording telling you that you can listen to the show while you wait, and a call screener may come on the line to greet you, ask your name and what topic you’d like to talk about; after that, you’ll go back on hold until we can put you on the air!

Beyond The Rim

Join hosts John Baker and Ruth Reis as they discuss all the news in the sci-fi-verse – what’s new, what’s gone, who’s who. Sundays at 9 pm eastern/8 central/6 Pacific!

After a brief time off, Ruth Reis and John Baker return for another episode of Beyond the Rim. Month’s show has a ful slate of stuff to talk about, including a pair of Star Trek shows – one that just ended and another that just began. We’ll talk Picard and Strange New Words and how they are different and how they are similar. But that’s not all, my friends. We’ll talk about the Oregon Renaissance Faire coming up in early June out here in Oregon, as well as the return of Kids in the Hall, the Mike Meyers vehicle The Pentaverate, Dr. Strange 2, the Spinal Tap 2 announcement and a few more odds and ends. Stop by for a listen and feel free to call in as it’s live. 

The Outpost Calling

And there it is, the season and series finale of The Outpost. When allt he dust had settled, The Six had been vanquished, Aster had sacrified himself, Talon, Zed and Garret were able to do their heroic best, and the Kahvi had a path to a new life thanks to the work of Wren, Janzo and Marvyn. After a season or more of fairly dark tidings and plenty of tension and loss, episode 413, “Nothing Lasts Forever,” shines a light on the many good qualifies that this show has and gives us an ending on several high notes that the fandom probably expected, but nevertheless enjoyed. And in the end, Garret and Talon are united as one – not just in marriage, but as the king and queen of the realm, a realm that will include humans, Blackbloods and the Kahvi. Let’s talk about the final episode, but more than that we will talk about the impact of The Outpost over its 49 episode run..

Replays are available for The Outpost Calling and Templar Talk – click here to find all episodes of all of our shows that are available to listen to on demand!

Our CALL IN PHONE NUMBER: 929-477-3898

TO LISTEN LIVE: When the box below says LIVE NOW, click there!