Centigrade – Directed and Starring Colin Cunningham

promotional photo from Centigrade

promotional photo from Centigrade

Short films are exactly what they sound like, short. Its not often you watch one that in 17 min says more then a 2 hour movie can tell you.

Centigrade is about a man (Colin Cunningham) awakens one morning with a hangover to discover that he has been taken hostage aboard his old, run down trailer which is being towed down the highway by a mysterious black truck; he desperately tries to find a way out of the sealed vehicle before he burns inside.

Colin has described the movie as “a man trapped” in a trailer after doing a bad thing.

Though only 17 minutes, it tells a story that at the end you get, in a dark way. This short has won 7 awards, including Best Short Drama and Best Direction in a short. This film was shot on a small budget of $20,000 that Colin and his crew got from a Canadian Film Grant called “kickstart program”.

Centigrade is showing at the albuquerque film festival and Colin Cunningham will be there. Dont miss out on this short film. If you cant make it to the festival, you can also find the film on iTunes. Its worth the download.

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