Torchwood: Miracle Day Finale Review

Torchwood: Miracle Day hasnt been as good as Torchwoods previous season (Children Of Earth). However, the finale redeemed itself with all the things that make Torchwood unique and worth returning to every season.

The finale had 3 main plot points that helped bring out what we love about this show and the Dr. Who universe as a whole.

1. The Blessing

Oh Russell, how you can put little easter eggs into the show! For those of us fans of Dr. Who and Torchwood will know, Jacks speech when trying to describe the blessing is filled with little hits back home to Doctor Who. Jack comments that “the blessing” may be a left over remnant of Silurian hibernation technology, when Gwen interrupts saying “you have no idea what this is do you?”.  Doctor Who fans will remember the Silurians have come back from old Doctor Who in the recent series 2 times now and are among my favorite race so far.

Sure enough, Jack has no clue what this blessing is. Yet something so mysterious is here and its not alien, in fact its been there since the dawn of time. While this would frustrate most, this is the part of Doctor Who that makes it not only somewhat believable but brilliant. The mystery remains and we are all in marvel of it, and yet we have no answers but we love it.

2. 9/9/11 Death Returns

The result of their efforts to reverse the miracle will kill all those who are only alive because of the blessing and that means losing Jack, Rex, Ester and millions around the world. In true torchwood style, the “family” informs them they must have blood on both sides of the world, they have failed. But Rex learned something from torchwood and Russell didnt disappoint with an off screen moment when the blood that Rex and Ester had was transfused into Rex allowing them to slip in with the weapon.

3. Unexpected consequences

Oh Gwen how I do love your face when your confused. Come on, honestly, did you see this coming? Really? Deep down inside? Rex having transfused jacks blood during the blessing, resulted in the blessing “changing” Rex back as it did Jack and hey Rex is immortal!


1. Fast Pace action and minimal explaining of “the blessing”. In this case, less is more

2. The plot is setup for “Plan B”. Nice move on the writers part

3. The Doctor Who tie-ins by Jack. Love it


1. Waiting for Season 5

“How much bloody lip stick can you wear?” -Gwen

“I’ve seen the stars and I feel sorry for you Oswald. I wish you could see them, so you would know just how little your life is” – Jack


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