Review Terra Nova – Instinct

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On this weeks Terra Nova, we focus on a little bit of family bonding and lovers long past, mixed with a little angry birds.


We start with a group of soldiers bringing in supplies during a storm when they hit something big and get a flat. Shortly after radioing Terra Nova that they may be late, something comes down from the trees and kills the men. Search parties are sent out to find the men and bring them back. At first Jim suspected Sixers, but they soon found out it wasnt. After taking the bodies back to be examined, it is determined that the lead scientist on Terra Nova is a former college mate of Mrs. Shannon (hmmm). Malcolm acts surprised to see Liz Shannon and is happy to see her. However when Mr. Shannon walks in, there is an awkward moment of shock on all parties and Mr. Shannon has some worries about just how Liz’s name came to be on the short list to Terra Nova.

Later on that night, Jim and Josh are attacked by a group of small flying bird/reptiles after they wont leave the fence and Josh throws a stone at them. It is later determined that these birds are the same ones who killed those men, and they know now why they are there. When Terra Nova choose its spot to create their encampment, they had destroyed a nest of eggs, that just so happen to belong to this group of birds. infrared shows millions coming back to nest and they have little time to find a way to get rid of them.

A few hours later with a genius moment between Malcolm and Liz they create a pheromone that will attract the birds, and they will use it in a truck to drive them away to another breeding ground. By morning the birds are gone and Commander Taylor and Jim return having driven the birds off.


There was no major plot injections this week but a lot of character building which is important to the future of the story and the characters. We see Josh pick up a guitar and play it, wanting it badly but not having anything to trade. Skye notices this and offers Josh a challenge that if they survive the night, she will give him the money for the guitar. Its obvious these two are an item now, but is she the inside trader the Sixers have in the camp?

Jim and Liz exchange a few moments of doubt as Jim questions Malcolm’s intentions and finds out from Commander Taylor that Malcolm requested her. He plays it off as not a huge deal and they share some long awaited mom and dad moments, but Jim still has concerns. Jim tries his hand at cooking and getting the kids to do their homework and shower. He manages to do all but 1, much to Lizs delight.

Commander Taylor is very protective of his soldiers and has taken a liking to Jim. Jim probes him for answers on the Sixers and why they want him dead, and Taylor simply nods it off as nothing more than a power grab. But what was his son drawing on those rocks and why doesn’t he want anyone over there?

Robert Prentice