Falling Skies Season 1 – Preorder DVD/BluRay

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Falling Skies season 2 is just around the corner. But while you wait, catch up with a Rewind of Season 1 below. Season 2 is slated to air in June, with Season 1 available on June 5th. Use the links below to order your copy today!

Pre-Order you copy today. Choose between DVD and Blu-Ray.

The three-disc Falling Skies: The Complete First Season DVD and two-disc Blu-ray set will include all 10 episodes from the action-packed drama’s first season, along with such special features as a sneak peek at season two (airing on TNT Summer 2012), “Animating a Skitter” feature, commentary tracks and much more. Exclusive to the Blu-ray set will be an additional feature – “Falling Skies from Pencils to Print: The Comic Book Revealed” plus collectible trading card. All 10 episodes will also be available for UltraViolet digital copy.

Catch this rewind of season 1.

Robert Prentice