‘Falling Skies’ Death March: The road is dark


Going into this weekends new episode of Falling Skies, we are all left wondering if Ben will ever return and if the 2nd mass will make it to Charleston. As seen in the preview below, a harnessed girl is found on the road to the 2nd masses promised hope. Matt is still dealing with Bens departure and becomes attached to the new girl they found.

Weaver also learns that not everyone on Popes Berserker team is who they seem. Tector has a background that could prove very important to the 2nd masses needs down the road. That isn’t all thats not as it seems, as Dai calls out into the woods asking who is walking near by.

Maggie is pushed by Pope about her dark past and the long road to Charleston proves the best place to reveal the darkest secret Maggie has held back from everyone but Pope.

Don’t miss this sundays new episode on TNT at 9pm EST. And for a secret revealed during last weeks podcast look below the preview.


Revealed in our podcast with cast member Connor Jessup, Ben does return in season 2. When and how remains a secret.

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