Falling Skies Recap: Death March


The 2nd mass has begun their march to Charleston. The convoy is following the advanced scouting of Maggie, Hal and Pope to find a safe road there. Matt wrote his own will. Matt says everyone is saying they won’t make it there and if he dies he wanted to write out what he wanted to happen to this things. Tom wants him to continue writing in his journal.

Tector and Weaver are in a truck together and Weaver tries to figure out Tector. Pope is riding in the back of the truck, drinking beer and using the cans to help the convoy behind them find their way. Hal and Maggie have a fun little back and forth about killing Pope if needed. Maggie makes a comment that Hal doesn’t have enough dark in him to do it. Maggie tries to get Hal to tell her what the darkest thing is he has done, and of course he has nothing.

Lourdes is still in an emotional state and isn’t able to care for the few patients they have. Weaver noticed that Tector can handle a rifle like a military man, despite the fact that Tector is trying to hide it. Weaver continues to poke him to get a response. They hit something with their truck and the entire convoy comes to a dead stop. Its a harnessed girl.

Anne looks her over and notices that the harness doesn’t seem to be working, after the hit. The girl wakes up wanting to know why her body hurts and where her ‘brother’ Tyler is. Weaver doesn’t want to take her with, but changes his mind. Matt looks on a bit curious and scared of the girl.


Hal misses Ben. He doesn’t understand what Ben was going through, still doesn’t. Maggie says Ben is coming back, she can feel it. Hal just doesn’t think it will happen. Maggie tells him to just have faith. As they talk, Maggie starts to peel away at her past hinting at something dark. The car starts to stop running, it seems the radiator is low on water. Pope knows of a river near by, he passed it to visit his kids in Florida.

Matt very slowly brings food to the girl. She questions what he is staring at. She hasn’t eaten anything in a long time. Matt comments that Ben was the same when he got his harness off. She comments that his brother was ‘joined’. Matt and the girl start to get friendly and laugh together. Hal goes down to the river to get some water, leaving Pope and Maggie by the truck.┬áPope starts taunting Maggie, asking when she is going to reveal her true past to Hal.

Back at the convoy, their water container is leaking, Anthony and Tom attempt to try and fix the leak. Lourdes is getting angry and careless in her work to protect her patient. It seems Lourdes is getting overprotective about the use of Jamils tools. She can’t get past his death. Pope continues to egg on Maggie, telling her that if she really cares for him, she needs to tell him the truth.


Matt and the girl continue to become friends and Matt asks about the harness. The skitters are called guardians to the kids, and each kid joined to the same guardians are consider siblings. Her guardian was killed by humans. Matt comments she is a human also. Weaver continues his push on Tector, saying he must have been a Ranger. He gets a comment out of Tector and finds out he was a marine, 2 tours. Tector blames himself for the death of Boone and another man on his 2 tour run in the military.

Matt reads his journal to the girl and she listens intently. The girls harness activates again and she can feel that Tyler is near by. Something grabs on to the bus but they are not able to find it. Tyler it seems is more forgone then even she is. Maggie, Hal and Pope get the truck up and running again and start moving on to try and catch up with the convoy that is no ahead of them.

Maggie decides to spill the beans on her past to Hal. She explains that after getting out of the hospital from her cancer scare, she got into drugs. Soon she said they were breaking into houses and stealing and they were caught. She was sent to prison where she had a child, a boy. They ended up taking him away from her. Hal doesn’t really have anything to say, a bit caught off guard by the whole thing.

The convoy found out the GTO is finally served its last mile. The stop at a fork in the road with only 2 ways to go, and they have to make a guess on which one to take. With the scout behind them, they don’t know which way is safe. They march on blindly to what they hope is a safe route. Weaver can smell the sea. Tyler shows up again outside the bus and the girl says she must go with him. Her harness turns back on and she wants to leave. She throws Matt out of the way, and Dr. Glass as she runs out. Matt gets injured, a bump on the head.


Matt is upset that the girl left. He is also worried that Ben loves the skitters more than his own family. Tom tries to convince Matt that Ben loves his family and he will come back. Matt is also worried Ben will die, but Tom promises him that won’t happen and they will go look for him if he doesn’t come back.

Lourdes realizes when she tries to treat her patient that he is already dead, and she breaks down crying. Maggie and Hal continue their awkward silence after Maggies tell all. Just as they are about to really discuss whats going on, a bright white light shows up in front of them and they slam the breaks. What happen to them?

Its day time now, and the convoy is nearing Charleston. Tector starts to open up about the losses under his command in the military and with Boone. Weaver eggs him telling him that it was his fault. Tector says it was not his fault. Weaver did it to get Tector to admit out loud that it wasn’t his fault, something Weaver understands.

The convoy slams to a halt. When they look, the only bridge into town is gone and the entire city of Charleston sits in ruin, their dream was just that, a dream. There is nothing there, no paradise, no group of humans surviving. All hope is lost. Tom feels a huge let down, he was so sure it was real. Tom says he doesn’t know where Hal is, he doesn’t think he will ever see Ben again and his 9 year old made out his Will.


Weaver is at a loss for words right now. Tector goes to Weaver and gives him the talk in order to get his moral back up and running. Tector salutes him and suggests he make something up. Weaver gives a very good speech to get the troops moral up and tells them they will move on and they will survive.

Just as they are about to move out, Dai hears something in the woods and its Hal, Maggie and Pope followed by a group of soldiers. Its Porter and the army from Charleston. He survived Boston. Charleston is real and its there but its underground, not above ground. Matt is still upset that Ben is missing. Hal now has that same feeling that Maggie did, Ben will be back he says. The 2nd mass march to Charleston.

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