Dominion at SDCC: Anthony Head Says Hang on to Your Hats!

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Genre vet Anthony Head (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Warehouse 13, Merlin) is having a great time on Dominion. He talks about how much he is enjoying filming in Cape Town, South Africa, and how the cast gets along. Is David Whele an opportunist? Of course he is! But “he tells himself he’s doing everything for the good of Vega. He’s one of the founding fathers, the city is his responsibility. Killing Bixby, as far as he’s concerned, was a necessity.”  He says that last week’s episode had “beautiful, beautiful scenes, heartrending scenes” between Claire and her “mother” Clementine, but as far as what’s coming up, “Hang on to your hats! There’s some s*** going down!”

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