Aldnoah Zero Season 2 Teaser and New Poster Raises Questions

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Speculation continues about who lives going into season 2 of Aldnoah Zero. Returning this Jan, the series centers around 3 central characters Inaho, Slaine and the Princess of Mars. If you haven’t watched the series yet, stop reading now spoilers are coming after the teaser promo for season 2.

At the end of the first season, we see the Princess and Inaho shot and presumed killed. The production company has slowly released posters for the new season being careful not to spoil anything major too early. However, todays release brings back hope that either 1 or both of them survived. I keep going back to the necklace that Slaine gave her, and the fact that we were shown it falling after the Princess was shot. Whenever a storyteller foreshadows like that, you know it has a role to play later on.

Todays poster shows the Princess in a wheelchair, indicating that she does in fact survive but may be paralyzed. So what does that mean for Inaho? Personally he is part of a trio of main characters that must be in play for the dynamic to work. Inaho and Slaine both trying to protect their loved ones and the Princess in their own ways but ultimately being enemies. I can’t see the series continuing without Inaho but I have been warned that the man behind the series, Gen Urobuchi, is known for killing main characters so Inaho’s life or death is still up in the air. Checkout the new posters below and tell us you thoughts on the new series.

Robert Prentice