Attack on Titan and Marvel Universe To Crossover?

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I know you are sitting there right now and asking yourself, they are going to do what? That’s the first thought that came to my mind when I heard that Marvel is bringing an Attack on Titan crossover to the Marvel Universe in 2 weeks. Many comic cans live for the crazy crossovers in comics but does this one go too far?

Marvel talent scout C.B. Cebulski confirmed the crossover on twitter and provided a small preview of the upcoming crossover. The cross over will be occurring in 2 weeks in Japan, but there is no word yet if it will make its way to the US.

UPDATE: According to Japan’s Toyko-based magazine Brutus, Issue 790 on sale Nov 15th will feature a “What If” comic with Marvel’s Avengers battling a female titan in the streets of New York.

What do you think of this crossover?

Robert Prentice