Megahouse Brings ‘Aldnoah Zero’ Kataphrakt To Variable Action Figure Line

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Megahouse is one of my favorite figure manufacturers. You might ask, why? Because they have made an effort to balance an unbalanced industry of female figures by bringing the G.E.M. Line to life which helps to bring some male figures into the anime figure collection arena. But that is a topic for another day. Just announced in their Variable Action line of figures, Megahouse is bringing the iconic orange trainer Kataphrakt piloted by Inaho from Aldnoah Zero to life.

You might remember that Slaine nicknamed Inaho ‘Orange’ for his use of this trainer in almost all of his battles. There is no doubt this is a great starter for the Aldnoah Zero line and we hope that with Megahouse starting the Aldnoah Zero line, that we might get to see Inaho and Slaine made into figures down the road. All of that will depend on how well this sells. Check out the photos and details of the figure and tell us if you will be picking one up. Expected release date is March, 2015 with an estimated price around $59. Preorders started today and you can find it on and soon on

The characteristic stabilizers on its legs can be switched out to reproduce the Sleipnier’s forward mobility, running, and hover modes.

Weapons included with the Sleipner are the sub-machinegun, grenade launcher, and knife. Action Figure w/stand Height: 14cm

Robert Prentice