Comic-Con 2015: ‘Falling Skies’ Cast Discuss Season 5

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Falling Skies is now 3 episodes into its final season and the cast and writers of Falling Skies sat down with press at San Diego Comic Con to discuss what they will miss most about the show and spoilers for the final season including some big reveals during the ‘Final Farewell’ panel in ballroom 20. Some of the best moments of the panel came between Doug Jones and Connor Jessup as you will see below. And for those who hate spoilers here is your spoiler warning. Spoilers below. Also you can catch our video interviews at the bottom of this post.

Moon Bloodgood @ SDCC 2015IMG_3267

Moon Bloodgood and Connor Jessup talked about their characters and their final story. Connor discussed the fact that he liked Ben and where his character went but what both Moon and Connor revealed is that not every character will have a happy ending.

Spoiler: Someone who was at Comic Con (Moon, Connor, Colin, Drew, Sarah, Doug) will not make it to the end.

Drew Roy @ SDCC 2015IMG_3263

Drew Roy and Sarah Carter gave us some insight into the love triangle and how it will continue but rather than being focused on Ben/Hal and Maggie, there will be a new female in the mix by the name of Isabell.

Spoiler: Isabell will be appearing by episode 5 and 6 of the season. Episode titles are “Non-essential personal” and “Respite”

Colin Cunningham @ SDCC 2015

Colin Cunningham’s character Pope showed his first sign of loving someone and caring for someone other than himself and had that ripped out from under him with Sara’s death in episode 3. Now leading into episode 4, Pope snaps. The episode is aptly titled “Pope Breaks Bad”.

Colin also discussed that his favorite person to share screen time with was Drew Roy. As someone who will improvise a scene to enhance his character many actors would freeze or not be sure what to do when going off script. Drew on the other hand would go with the flow.

Spoiler: Pope will end up taking a key member of the second mass hostage and it won’t be Tom Mason.

Doug Jones @ SDCC 2015

Doug Jones has played many different creatures over the years, and as Cochise this has been his longest running gig as a creature. Doug told us that this Sundays episode, episode 4, is a big one for Cochise as his father and the Volm mothership return and the two square off over Cochise’s decision to disobey his orders.

Doug went on to discuss Cochise’s motivations and whether the Volm would stay or leave once the war was over.

Spoiler: The scene that Moon Bloodgood talked about with Cochise which was very emotional for both of them appears in episode 4.

Our biggest spoilers came from the panel and director Olatunde Osunsanmi who told us that many of the alien mythology plots and stories would get answers in the final season.


The final panel at Comic Con was a sad but fun panel filled with questions about how each actor met the other and included a sizzle reel for what is yet to come in the rest of the season. So while we don’t have a video of that sizzle reel to show you (Coming Soon), we do have some spoilers to share.

Screen Shot 2015-06-27 at 9.08.50 AM

  • We will see a full sized army of Espheni overlords on their home planet.
  • Ben ends up captive by military forces, strapped to a gurney and a gun to his face.
  • 3 key characters end up in front of a firing squad and a shot is fired
  • Hal also finds himself captive with a gun to his face, but at the hands of someone he knows.



Robert Prentice