Review: Falling Skies 5×05 – Pope versus Tom

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The one thing we have all wanted from Pope over the past 5 seasons was for him to finally have it out with Tom. In a way we got what we wanted but it has been drawn out a bit and was at the expense of Pope losing it. Pope and Anthony have setup their own little world where if you are deemed unable to fight, you are not welcomed. It may seem harsh but the reality is they are living in a harsh world and not making the harsh decisions has led to many deaths at the ends of Tom Mason. In that respect Pope is right. What Pope fails to realize is whether he likes it or not, Tom finally did the one thing Pope has told him to do for 4 seasons and that cost Sarah her life and Pope just couldnt handle that.

We spoke with Colin at Comic Con about his scenes with Drew and how he was the one actor who could follow him off the script when the scene called for it. Most other actors would freeze or be confused when someone would go off script, but not Drew. That lead to the scene between Pope and Hal screaming at each other in one of the better scenes of the episode. Tom eventually finds his way to Pope and without a seconds thought fires a shot right at him and a back and forth fight ensues. But leave it to the writers to come up with yet another annoyingly boring way to get Tom kidnapped by yet another alien.

Meanwhile the 2nd mass runs into another group of humans who seem fit to take ammo and a car from them. Weaver is kidnapped and injured in the process but quickly learns that the man is alone, in a way. Not long after Ben and Maggie double back and come up behind the guy, Weaver asks about the family he claimed to be protecting. Turns out they were all already dead and he was keeping the bodies safe. Creepy and sad at once.

We had a very confusing scene between Tom and his wife/alien race communicating via his mind. They seem to suggest that ‘they’ have a new weapon that could win the war against the Espheni. However, in the start of the season we were led to believe that ‘they’ were the original alien race that the skitters came from and that they were extinct. So how exactly are they producing anything? Its very unclear but lets up they wrap it up.

In next weeks preview Pope isn’t finished looking for Tom. And and it appears from the preview that Maggie may be getting rid of her spikes, but the reason is not yet known. At Comic Con we were shown a sizzle reel with a lot of crazy scenes still yet to come. If you have not seen our coverage, go read it now.

Robert Prentice