Continuum: 4th Season Premiere – Notes from a Newbie

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Having binge watched three seasons of Continuum in the past week, and suffered a CMR-reboot headache as a result, I was ready for the very short fourth and final season to begin! I’m sure there are quite a few Continuum junkies out there – this is definitely a show worthy of devotion! So I’d like to give you my thoughts about the show to this point.

  • Reading through some reviews of Season 3, I saw a lot of “wha the???” about the multi-timeline-storyline. But what did you expect? After all, no matter what happens, things have been changed, and no matter whether Liber8 fulfills their goals or not, 2077 won’t be the same paradise Keira originally thinks it is.
  • The alternate timelines – Brad’s, or the altered timeline Keira seems to wake up to in the 4th season premiere – are fascinating (although that did give me a serious “Who Shot JR” vibe). I think it would have been to have seen even more alt timelines, even just flashes. But I know that could have caused serious production and audience seizures.
  • Honestly, it wasn’t until mid-Season 3 that I started to like Keira at all. Humanity seems to have been pushed out of the Protectors when the CMR chip went in. How could things have gone so screwy in 50 years? Some problems remain – cheating spouses, etc. – but other than her love for her son, there wasn’t much that was admirable in Keira. But as she began to question everything she knew, and we began to see the small flashbacks showing that her questioning the system had started earlier, she resembled the Terminator more than a human being.
  • And OK, what was with that hospital scene in the opener??? Is this a dream or an alternate or simultaneous timeline? And she has some memories of her life in 2013? She says that her CMR goes into simulation mode – is that what this was?


  • Speaking of Keira, who’s paying her? Did she at some point become a VPD employee? Sorry, that’s a random question. But the girl has serious boots and jackets, and a very nice apartment.
  • Some of the characters are truly fascinating. Jason, played by the fabulous Ian Tracey, has to be one of my favorites. And Alec, both 1 and 2 (or as the Syfy website says, either Red or Green, or new and old…) has really grown on me. But the jump from young geek to corporate head, was really severe. How could one Alec still be so human, loving Emily no matter what, and the other so cold? And I have to mention Ryan Robbins as Brad – he played one of my favorites on Falling Skies, and, yes I know I’m late to the Continuum party, but I’m so happy to see him back again, and in such a nice role. Richard Harmon as Julian has the most hypnotic eyes on TV!



  • One character that could have been fleshed out a little more (sorry again, but have you SEEN him???) is Carlos, played by the hunky Victor Webster. (Even the Syfy episode recaps drool over Carlos.) Even after 3 seasons, we know nothing about him. Where does he live? He’s probably not married, at least at the moment, but his whole life is Keira and the VPD. For such an important face in the show, he really serves as nothing but the foil. Beat up the bad guy, get kicked in the teeth, have sex once a season.


  • If you followed the live tweeting last Friday for the premiere, you may have seen a very mysterious tweet come from Todd Ireland, one of the show’s writers and story editors. What does this MEAN!?!? The guy with the giant hair, who was sent back 1,000 years to protect the timeline, is CARLOS’ son? Oh, kill me now if his mother is Keira.


  • Liber8 – loved almost all of them! Roger Cross is terrific in everything he does. Stephen Lobo, as Kellogg, is perfectly smiley and smart and smarmy. Luvia Peterson as Garza is one of the best psycho terrorists I’ve seen.  I’m still processing Sonya. But I’ve really enjoyed the little bits of flashback we’ve seen on all of them.
  • Catherine and the little cells in that building – obviously in the 2014 timeline – creep me out. Nobody wonders what goes on in there?

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Theories on how it will all turn out? I want to hear what you seasoned Continuum fans have to say!

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