New “It” Trailer – MTV Movie Awards

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A brand new trailer for the upcoming reboot of Stephen King’s “It” aired this weekend at the MTV Movie Awards, revealing a closer shot of Pennywise and all of his horrid splendor. If you aren’t the biggest fan of clowns to begin with, you might want to sit this one out. This second trailer gives us a closer look at the kids of Derry at the beginning of their quest. Best of all, this trailer gives us a terrifying glimpse of Pennywise standing behind a wall of red balloons.

This trailer briefly explores the members of the “Loser Club” and how their adventures lead them to the opening of the sewer, where there is no way any of them could know how much that day would end up changing their lives. Overall the trailer has a very similar vibe to “Stranger Things” we can tell that something is happening in the town and that these kids probably shouldn’t be playing in the sewer. Things get a little more creepy as they bicker about whether or not to venture deeper into the darkness when they stumble across a small girl’s shoe. Debating if she still might be down there, lost or stuck, you can hear just the faintest tiny clown laugh before a single red balloon comes floating towards them, then suddenly pops.

From here all hell breaks lose as we see multiple characters running, cringing, screaming and running some more followed by a close up shot of Pennywise standing behind a wall of red balloons, he slowly lets the balloons float up and we get a better look at him than we did in the first trailer from Warner Brothers. This second trailer is more terrifying than the first and takes on a much darker tone. Set to hit theaters September 8th, “It” is already living up to it’s original’s horror factor.

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Michelle Harvey