“Wonder Woman” A Wow of a Spectacle

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To start:

The unpopular opinion is basically seppuku when it comes to the internet world. Especially when it comes to something like this about a strong powerful woman.  That being said, I’m ready to fall on my sword for this upcoming review. *deep breath* Here it is:

A Woman Above

Wonder Woman is the talk of the town.  Critics are raving, viewers are raving, and then there’s me.  No, I did not hate it by any means.  I loved… parts of it.  We’ll start off with the good, non-spoilery bits.  Gal Gadot was fantastic.  I will be the first to admit that I was very skeptical when they cast her.  To me she wasn’t Amazonian enough.  She was too small and not “kick-ass” enough.  Hell yes, she proved me wrong.  She was strong, funny, and inspirational throughout the movie.  There was a sense of wonder about her (no pun intended).  I’ll go more in dept in my spoiler-iffic section.

Chris Pine really nailed it.  I’m a big fan of his, but I was slightly worried his character would be more of a prop than a character.  He definitely was not just for show!  His character gave Diana some motivation and a good partner to banter with.  The story line was smart and kept a good pace until about an hour and a half into the movie. All of a sudden, I stopped enjoying it.  I don’t really know when or why, but it wasn’t exciting and emotional anymore.  The villain was utterly unconvincing and the fight scene was lack luster.  The CG was decent but when the fights happened the background was just CG fire, there wasn’t much else going on.  Again, I’m not discrediting the fight scenes at all.  They were well coordinated and pretty killer but the CG made it feel off.

Spoiler Time!

If you don’t want anything from the movie ruined please stop reading.  If you’ve seen it continue.  Say you don’t care about spoilers? Keep reading, but please don’t say I didn’t warn you!!

Wonder Woman

What went wrong?

The main thing that threw me off was Aries’ casting.  I really liked him as the untouchable entity, but as soon as he transformed into his God form it became really weird.  There’s an example of wholly unimpressive, strange CG right there.  I really enjoy David Thewlis as an actor, but he’s much better as the unassuming and not God-like man (Or as a werewolf ;D).  The movie could have been shorter.  I noticed myself losing interest right after she saved the little village.  I know they needed to wrap up everything with Dr. Poison and then finding Aries, but they probably could have expedited it.  Also, why didn’t they do more with Dr. Poison?! She was a very kick ass villain, I would have loved to see her further explored.  Maybe they’ll bring her back? It just felt like a lot of loose ends not tied together.

I enjoyed Diana’s wonder and the fact that she stood up to men in power.  They wrote her so beautifully.  She was strong, but unassuming, she knew exactly what she wanted and did not have any problems getting her way.  She voiced her opinions when it came to the unfairness and her heart really drove her as a character.  I will admit that I too, cried.  Everyone said they got emotional, I see why.  When she went up the ladder to the trenches and walked head on into the gunfire.  Something about that moment brought tears to my eyes.  Thinking about it right now I’m still getting teary eyed!  That really set the precedent for the movie, I really hoped to see more of that extreme power, and I don’t know if I really did.


In Antiope We Trust

Ok, let’s take a moment to appreciate Robin Wright.  Holy freaking crap, what a woman!!! I can’t really describe how much I wish they had more of Antiope.  They really should have shown more of her.  She stood for strength and truth, and just wanted what was best for Diana.  Not to mention the rest of the Amazonian women, they were so killer, I really wanted more battles and kick-assery.  It was interesting to see how they explored the way the Amazonian reacted to the soldiers.  They did not know what to expect and the guns ultimately took them down.

Final Thoughts?

Sure, Wonder Woman changed the game for female superheroes.  Sure, Wonder Woman was an extremely emotional ride up until the end.  However, something to me still did not feel 100% complete.  Maybe it was because it felt a lot longer than it should have been?  I definitely understand what this movie means to everyone.  I’m staying behind my opinion, but I’m also acknowledging everyone else’s feelings.  This movie was beautiful, fun, exciting, ass-kicking, and empowering, but for some reason, for me, it still fell short.



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