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Image Credit: BBC America

Orphan Black Farewell: To Right The Wrongs Of Many

Thankfully, for it’s final episode ever, Orphan Black doesn’t try to over do itself. Instead focusing more on the sisterhood of the sestras over anything else. For five seasons we’ve been running, fighting, loving, and sometimes just flat out confused with Orphan Black and where it was going. After five seasons, it’s time to take a breath, mourn those we’ve lost along the way, and finally enjoy the freedoms that everyone fought so hard to obtain.Sure, there’s still the issue of Dyad and PT to handle going into the finale episode, but they aren’t on the front burner for long. Within the first 15 minutes of this farewell episode, Sarah and crew successfully take down both Koady and PT, burying Dyad along with them. Besides, there’s a more pressing matter at hand, Helena and the babies. After everything that’s gone down for the Sestra’s since we met them, the hardest part might be figuring out what to do with themselves afterwards.

The first 15 minutes of the finale gives us a satisfying end for both PT and Koady, with Sarah and Helena each getting to take down a key component. And we wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. But immediately after those deaths and the ultimate death of Dyad, we refocus on the sisterhood and what’s most important. Helena gives birth to her twins, both boys, with the help of her sister Sarah. Mrs. S makes a final appearance, in the flashback sequence of Sarah ultimately finding out she’s pregnant, debating abortion, and then keep Kira instead. With the help of Sarah who’s getting the mental help from S, and of course Art, Helena delivers both babies there in the basement of old Dyad with a dead body chilling in the room for good measure.

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Now that Dyad is gone, the sestra’s can be the family they fought to be. They can enjoy the freedoms they’ve fought so hard to have and can sleep knowing that so many others out there just like them, are now free too. But slowing down and being still don’t come easy for everyone. Sarah is having a particularly hard time of it, all she’s ever known is how to run or fight. With nothing chasing her now, she’s experiencing some difficult emotions. Living in the house where her mother recently died sure isn’t helping the situation either. With no idea how to live in a house, have food the fridge for school lunches, stay put for once and find a job, the stress builds on Sarah and she wants to fall back on her very instinct, run. But things are different now, she has a support system and family in the sisterhood, who won’t let her give up so easily.

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We finally get that baby shower for Helena, and though it’s not quite as epic as the dream sequence, it’s still pretty damn awesome. It’s also the perfect opportunity for these women to come together as the family that they are and discuss something other than the larger issues from their past. Though she’s clearly not invited, Felix does meet with Rachel. She gives them a list of all the Leeda clones in the program; names, ages, locations. All on her own and with no family to turn to, nobody knows what’s next for Rachel. But she’s definitely not part of the sisterhood gathering just a few hundred feet away.

Helena is living in the garage at the Hendrick’s house with her two baby boys. Which is a welcome experience for Alison and Donnie, who have their own special bond with Helena. It’s been awhile, and so far the twins have just been called the color of their socks. But in a very touching moment she gives them the names of “real men.”

Image Credit: BBC America

Image Credit: BBC America

The Hendrick’s own kids are also home now and Alison and Donnie’s relationship is stronger than ever. If you can’t enjoy a sexy strip tease of dirty gym clothes in the laundry room with your spouse after years of marriage, you’re doing something wrong. Alison and Donnie have had their troubles in the past, but together as team overcame those obstacles and now have Helena and the babies in their daily lives.

Cosima and Delphine get their happily ever after, traveling the world to inoculate the rest of the clones. With the list that Rachel provided to Felix, they can save ALL of their sisters. I’m not entirely sure where the money to travel the world and create the vaccines is coming from, but that’s easily over looked when you see how happy they are saving so many others. Though Cosima might not be the best with kids, I’d also like to think she developed a good bond with Charlotte, who is now living with Art. With their shared passion for knowledge, I hope that Cosima helps the #CloneClub to watch out for Charlotte and see her into adulthood.

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Rachel is having the hardest time. She’s got nobody else to run from, but she still wants to run. Though she lied about taking her GED at the party, that moment when she finally breaks down and discusses her fears with her sisters. Things lighten up a bit. She doesn’t have to run, and even though S is gone, she’s got family right here to fall back on for support. After everything they’ve been through, fought, and lost for this freedom, her sisters aren’t going to let her self sabotage and throw it away.

We end, with Helena sitting down to read to her sisters her memoirs. She’s been working on them throughout the last season and we finally get to hear her story. She calls it, Orphan Black…

Image Credit: BBC America

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