Review — Channel Zero: No End House — This Isnt Real

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**This Review Contains Spoilers Read On At Your Own Discretion**

The No End House has made another appearance, drawing college student Margot and her friends into it’s terrifying grasp. Not much is known about The No End House, other than it will randomly pop up somewhere. Sending strange videos and messages to cell phones and television sets in the area. Though not all are invited, and you have to pay attention if you want to find the message that has where exactly it’ll be. The house is a bit of a legend online in the folklore realm, being described as the scariest haunted house yet. Nobody quite understands how it works, with only 6 rooms and each being scarier than the next, not many guests make it through all 6 rooms. Do you have what it takes…?

Image Credit: SyFy

Margot, with her best friend Jules decide to visit the house after finding it’s location. Though they enter as a small group; a few friends and a few strangers, (one who has been following the house waiting for it to reappear), it’s not long before the scare factor gets too high. The random ominous pop up scare house at the end of a dead end drive draws a crowd, especially with the hip social media marketing scheme. Though people are stumbling away from the house vomiting, this group decides to try it out. Reckoning that the entire area is sprayed with some sort of hallucinogenic chemical so they’ll all be tripping by the time the 2nd room hits.

Image Credit: SyFy

Room One isn’t bad, some pretty cool bust statues, though it’s pretty evident that these statues are an identical replica of each person currently in the room. Some pretty quick technology turn around for a free pop up haunted house. The lights flicker and come back on, and in that short time all but one of the busts is now broken with tiny fists popping through them. How exactly is this haunted house free again? From there it just gets worse. The rooms play on each individual’s psychological fears. So either they are all drugged, or there is something more going on here.

Image Credit: SyFy

Room Two is more your typical haunted house scare. What seems like an empty and weird warehouse type room has more than expected. The lights flicker again, but this time a creepy masked man appears in the corner, not having been there a moment before. He stalks through the group, going so far as shoving one of the guys. Guess this special pop up scare house doesn’t follow the general rule of “don’t touch them and they won’t touch you.” After stalking through he stops and whispers something to Margot, though nobody else can quite make it out. Whatever he says unnerves her and her friend suggests they leave. Margot though says she has to find out more and pushes onto room 3, apparently the masked man whispered her a phrase that only her late father would use. Uber creepy. The lights dip again and now the room is missing 1 group member, with a large red like blood streak leading into a white washed wall….masked man gone again.

CHANNEL ZERO: NO END HOUSE — “This Isn’t Real” Episode 107 — Pictured: (l-r) Amy Forsyth as Margot, The Masked Figure — (Photo by: Allen Fraser/Syfy)

It goes as far as a nightmare from Margot’s childhood, grandma’s hallway and all, coming to life in a terrifying scene in room 3. With just the right amount of fear, steadily building with each room, we see Margot’s journey through the rooms. She has to face a terrible event from her recent past, her father’s death, and there is just no possible way the creators of any haunted house could have pulled all of this off so perfectly. What is really happening at the No End House? We only see Margot’s journey from the rooms past here, she has to face finding her dead father’s body at home and his rotting corpse coming alive and attacking her. That’s a pretty messed up thing to make anyone face, and it makes me wonder what Jules had to face in her journey.

The two girls manage to make it out, but the bad news is Jules car is dead. Though Margot and Jules waited for the guys to emerge from The No End House, at dawn they start their long walk home. Whew. What a night that was! But is all as it actually seems? I don’t recall Jules living in house number 6…or Margot’s dad being alive when she left the night before. What room are they actually in, will they ever escape The No End House…?

CHANNEL ZERO: NO END HOUSE — “This Isn’t Real” Episode 107 — Pictured: Amy Forsyth as Margot — (Photo by: Allen Fraser/Syfy)

What was real, what was in their heads? Are the even out of The No End House now, or did they ever go in? Where are the guys and what horrors have they been facing inside? Nobody knows how The No End House works, or what the house is. Would you have been be brave enough to go in…

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