Channel Zero: No End House — The Damage — Review

Margot and Jules successfully made it out of the No End House and they really are back home now. The damage has been done however and the house doesn’t seem to be done with them yet. UnDead-Dad has followed Margot out of the house and is chasing her home. While I’m not exactly sure how he was able to leave the No End House, I’m going to guess that it’s not good for anyone that he is back in the real world. This episode easily leaves viewers feeling a bit dirty almost and only those who have a heart of stone can watch this episode without riding a roller coaster of emotions throughout. Channel Zero: No End House “The Damage” takes us on a horrifying ride of terror, fear, past traumas, and intense yet necessary no win choices. This is how penultimate episodes should be, and I applaud everyone on the No End House cast & crew for bringing us such a beautifully macabre show.

At first Jules and Margot are inseparable, and Jules even apologizes to Margot for not being there when her friend needed her most. But the No End House has taken quite a bit from Jules and it’s pretty clear that she doesn’t want to go home yet. They weren’t in the No End House for that long, but I still think that it’ll be awhile back in the real world before Jules might get any of those basic memories back. Especially since the house isn’t yet ready to let go of Margot. When Un-Dead Dad shows back up and the tough decisions must be made,Jules isn’t around to help talk some sense into Margot.

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Speaking of Un-Dead Dad, he is going to have one hell of a time explaining how he even exists in this realm. After finding his way to Margot, he takes another memory from her while she’s asleep on the couch. This time…? A poor tiny little puppy that Margot had for a few short weeks as a kid. And yes, it’s just as terrible to watch him snack on that little puppy as one would imagine.Seth shows up, which is both a curse and a blessing, and also a little eerie since Margot made it pretty clear she didn’t want him near her. After giving Jules quite a fright, he warns her that UnDead-Dad is in the house with Margot. They aren’t able to stop him from stealing the puppy from her head, but they stop him before he can take anything more. The three of them lock Un-Dead Dad in the basement while trying to decide what to do next. But Jules gets another creepy video message from the house, which is the last straw for her and she takes off. Leaving Seth and Margot to deal with the issue of Un-Dead Dad. To be fair, we don’t know what is taunting Jules in the house, that glowing orb isn’t every really explained or why she fears it. But I don’t like the idea of Seth and Margot being alone with Un-Dead Dad because I still don’t’ trust Seth after he encouraged them into the house in the first place. Sure, he must have some tricks up his sleeve, he has his house family all caged up inside so he can live peacefully. But only a tormented soul would choose a life like that.

Image Credit: Allen Fraser/Syfy

This is when things get really rough. The only way to get UnDead-Dad back into the No End House, is if Margot goes back in too. Which she refuses to do. But UnDead-Dad can’t just live here forever, eating her memories and existing in a reality where he has been dead for some time. Something drastic is going to have to happen, and either way I don’t like the trauma that will come with those choices. Margot knows that this is not her father, it’s just a memory creature and cannot tell her or give her any type of closure that wasn’t already there. But that doesn’t mean she’s just ready to kill this being that looks and sounds just like him. That’s not a choice any daughter should have to make anyhow.

“I don’t think I can bring myself to kill him.” – Margot

Seth agrees to help her rid this reality of UnDead-Dad, but they have to make a choice quickly because the No End House is full, for now, and will be closing it’s doors soon to hibernate for another year. If they have any chances of tossing UnDead-Dad back in the house, along with Seth as I assume he still wants to live there, they’ve got to act now. Margot still has the pills that her dad OD’d on, which seems a horrible yet fitting end for UnDead-Dad to succumb to. Margot wants UnDead-Dad to tell her about the memory that he took, as now she doesn’t remember every having a dog. After emptying the pills he is allergic to on the memory-pup, they encourage him to finish eating while he tells her about the dog. It’s not long before the effects begin to take place. This is a horrible moment for Margot, she wanted to believe that it was quick and easy when her father passed, yet now she is witnessing first hand just how untrue that that really is. And it’s a heartbreaking moment.

UnDead-Dad isn’t quite dead again, but at least he is passed out enough that they can take him back to the No End House. Margot’s mother arrives home at the most inopportune time, how on earth can they explain this to her? Luckily they don’t have to because UnDead-Dad comes to just enough to attack the mom while trying to find Margot and knocks her out. He is trying to feed again and he ends up on Seth, which we all know from last week can’t end well. Margot begs him to stop and agrees to go with him back to the house. So now Margot, a bloodied up Seth, and a terrifying UnDead-Dad make their way back to the No End House. Jules stops back by and sees Margot’s mother with paramedics and police, she immediately knows that something is wrong and runs back to the No End House to save her friend but the house is already gone. Crossing many lines and putting it’s viewers into extremely uncomfortable and horrific corners, No End House is cutting no corners when it comes to horror. Channel Zero: No End House outdid itself this week, using this intense episode to build towards what will surely be a terrifying finale.

Image Credit: Allen Fraser/Syfy

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